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You trust your arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing with your life, and for good reason: AR / FR from qualified suppliers like Tyndale undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it will perform as expected in the event of an arc flash or flash fire. But what are the tests, and how can you be sure?

Follow along with our series to find out about today’s test methods and requirements for all kinds of AR / FR clothing – from fiber to fabric to finished garment – and the difference a trusted supplier makes.

With Scott Margolin, Vice President of Technical as our guide, we’ll examine many of the major tests to see what they measure, how they measure it, what that means to someone like you who is specifying or wearing the garment, and how you can be sure your PPE starts with and retains its protective properties through its full service life. We’ll take a look at testing for other types of PPE – including rainwear, boots, hi-vis, and more – too.

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Already versed on standards and testing? This series is still for you. There have been significant revisions to various standards and test methods along the way. For example, rainwear was once governed by general arc flash and flash fire standards, but has since been superseded by standards with test requirements specifically for AR and FR rainwear. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, tune in to make sure you are up to date on the latest information.

Each post will be linked below as it is published – follow along, binge them all, or pick and choose as we go based on your hazard or area of interest.

Go behind the scenes to see how we put our AR / FR clothing and PPE to the test:

General Testing:


Arc Flash Testing:


Flash Fire Testing:


AR / FR Rainwear Testing:


Hi-Vis & Other Fabric Testing:


Protective Footwear Testing:


Arc Flash PPE Testing:


Glove Testing:


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With these comprehensive testing protocols, you can be sure that your AR/FR and PPE is ready to do its job in the event of an incident – allowing you to walk away from an exposure that would have otherwise been catastrophic. Be sure to wear the appropriate PPE for your hazard from a trusted supplier, and wear it well.

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