Canada, the choice is now yours! 

Canadian companies and their workforce now have access to Tyndale’s unparalleled service model to provide the broadest selection of AR / FR protective clothing in the industry.

Are there holes in your flame resistant clothing program? Tell us your pain points and we’ll share our solution.

Introducing your new source for arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) employee apparel programs.

Since 1981, Tyndale has helped companies outfit workers with the protective garments they need to return home safely at the end of each workday. Tyndale is proud to extend our product choice and unparalleled service model into Canada to partner with Canadian-based companies seeking a turnkey, managed apparel program.

Tyndale offers the ability to ship AR / FR quickly from deep inventory, whether it’s the very best Canadian products you already enjoy, or innovative U.S. brands that blur the distinction between PPE and casual apparel. Solving companies’ challenges related to their protective clothing program, increasing employee satisfaction, and minimizing risk related to safety and compliance is why we enjoy a 99% customer retention rate.

The hallmarks of a Tyndale employee-based managed apparel program include:

Tyndale 360 events (on-site or virtual) to introduce employees to their new AR / FR program.

Hassle-free returns and exchanges and choice of ship-to-work or home for employees.

Embroidery and embellishment services to provide logo customizations, reflective striping, and more.

Extensive reporting and clear, concise invoices minimize your company’s need for administrative oversight.

Interested in learning more about Tyndale’s successful launch into Canada?

to provide an enjoyable uniform experience by supplying increasingly personalized, coordinated, and convenient AR/FR apparel solutions to leading corporations and their employees.
We carry this mission north and invite Canadian organizations to partner with a trusted supplier who provides benefits other suppliers simply can’t match.

Commitment to the Canadian Market

Tyndale is eager to serve Canadian-based companies who want to take advantage of our exclusive program, which supports compliance with both Canadian and U.S. industry safety standards. As a manufacturer of our own AR/FR clothing, and a leading distributor of all major, trusted AR/FR clothing brands, Canadian workers now have access to the broadest selection of protective clothing in the industry and the widest variety of colors, sizes, and garments for both men and women.

Empower and Educate Your Workforce

Increase compliance, comfort, and morale among your workforce by providing more choices for protective clothing. At Tyndale, we believe in empowering employees through choice, allowing them to find AR / FR clothing that aligns with their individual style and sense of comfort while ensuring your company complies with specific safety standards and specifications. Harness the many benefits of the industry’s widest selection of AR / FR clothing – now available through Tyndale.

Not just a clothing provider, Tyndale is a leader in educating companies and workers about topics related to AR / FR clothing and safety. Discover valuable insights through our industry-leading blog, extensive FR Safety Resource Hub, and video training resources. Additionally, we offer live demonstrations at leading testing sites and laboratories, such as Kinectrics, TEEX, and KEMA to better understand real-world hazards and PPE performance.

Choose Tyndale as your dedicated partner in safety. Empower your workforce with the right AR / FR clothing choices today.


Meet the Team



OHS Canada Webinar

This engaging and insightful webinar received rave reviews from its initial audience of OHS Canada subscribers. It delves into the critical aspects of selecting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to safeguard your workforce from arc flash and flash fire hazards. Our subject matter experts offer valuable strategies enabling your organization to meet North American safety standards while ensuring employee satisfaction and protection.

You'll Learn:

  • Strategies to balance comfort and protection for enhanced satisfaction and compliance.
  • The dangerous implications of improper wear and ill-fitting protective clothing.
  • Why choosing a reputable clothing supplier who backs up their word with live demonstrations and rigorous testing is essential to your organization.

Hosted By:

Scott Margolin

Vice President of Technical

Scott Margolin has over 30 years of experience in arc-rated/flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing, providing Tyndale with unmatched technical expertise. He has conducted over 1,800 arc flashes and nearly 4,000 flash fires at labs all over the world. Much of this research focused on real world hazards and PPE performance.

Jason Brozen

Lead Corporate Safety and Technical Trainer

As an arc flash survivor, Jason shares his experience to help educate electrical workers and safety training professionals about the importance of proper protection on the job. With 20+ years of experience as a master electrician, Jason is a certified OSHA and NFPA safety professional who has provided extensive and engaging safety training for corporations across North America.


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