To protect energy workers’ lives by providing a positive protective apparel experience. By supplying increasingly personalized, coordinated and convenient flame-resistant apparel solutions to leading corporations and their employees, we are Proud to Protect!


Tyndale provides a single-supplier solution for keeping workers safe, comfortable, and regulation-compliant. We deliver top-quality, arc-rated flame resistant (FR) clothing in managed apparel programs driven by over 40 years of FR experience:

About Us

Our managed apparel programs maximize bottom-line savings and service, as well as garment- and spend-tracking and reporting, all while expanding product choice and enhancing user satisfaction.


Our extensive catalog combines Tyndale brand garments - including a complete line of American-made items - with products from industry leading suppliers to offer the industry's largest selection for men and women.

Tyndale is a leading player in arc-rated flame resistant clothing (FRC).

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Quality is woven into the fabric of Tyndale as a company. Our customers, our employees, and our integrity are as important to us as the clothing we supply. We are committed to:

Each and every decision at Tyndale is made according to its impact on our existing and potential customers. We strive for internal efficiency, but never at the expense of the long term satisfaction of our customers.
Each and every employee is selected because they are smart, work hard, and get things done.
Our customers appreciate high quality goods and services, and we strive to exceed their expectations. Using superior construction and stylish designs, Tyndale manufactures garments workers like to wear.  Our full service custom clothing programs make it easy for our customers to stay safe, comfortable, and looking good.
Tyndale employees work within and between departments and externally, sharing information, solving problems and making decisions based on trust developed over time. We rely on engaged communication — active listening and clear, respectful direction. By working together, we make better decisions.
At Tyndale, communication is based on honesty and integrity in our interactions with each other and with our customers. We back up our commitments with action to deliver on our word.

These values are exhibited in every phone call, every order, and every shipment that you receive from us. We are dedicated to continually raising the bar on the products and services we offer and look forward to demonstrating this commitment by striving to exceed your expectations each and every day.