How It’s Tested: Episode 6 – ASTM F2621, The Half Manikin Test

Welcome to a new episode in our How It’s Tested series. Last week, we put a lens on the ASTM F1506 mechanical tests which are used to ensure fabric has the strength it needs to reliably deliver the arc flash protection you trust with your life. Today’s episode focuses on ASTM F2621 – known as The Half Manikin Test.

As the name infers, this test uses two manikin torsos – or “half manikins” – meaning the test only evaluates shirts and other top-wear. This test is not used for pants or coveralls. The ASTM F2621 test features non-censored manikins, meaning this test is purely visual.

How is the ASTM F2621 Half Manikin test performed?

Step #1: Launder the garment three (3) times

Step #2: Place the laundered garments onto two half manikins, with an arc between them

Step #3: Expose these manikins to the same arc-flash at the approximate arc rating of the material and fabric of the garment

Step #4: Inspect the garment for damage

As this is a visual test, we are looking for fabric break-open, melting, dripping, or shrinkage, and evaluating the effectiveness of closures to determine how well the buttons, thread used in the buttons, zippers and Velcro performed.

Watch Tyndale’s VP of Technical, Scott Margolin explain this test in detail.

ASTM F2621 – The Half Manikin Test is a qualitative test which allows us to look at the finished garment for things that are important to wearers facing an arc-flash hazard in the field.

Want to learn more about the test methods for arc flash protection? Look out for our next post, where we take a closer look at ASTM F1959 – Standard Test Method for Determining the Arc Rating of Materials for Clothing, or visit the How it’s Tested hub to view all episodes in our series.

Have a flash fire hazard instead? Check back soon and keep an eye on the How it’s Tested hub: we’ll be diving into the standards and test methods for flash fire protection shortly.

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