How It’s Tested: Episode 14 – ASTM F2733 for Flash Fire Rainwear

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Our How It’s Tested series recently covered why ASTM F1891 is the critical compliance criteria specific to arc-rated (AR) rainwear, so this week we’re covering the flash fire rainwear equivalent – ASTM F2733. ASTM F2733 is the standard specification for flame resistant (FR) rainwear for protection against flame hazards.

Beware of Insufficient Standards for Rainwear

Just like with ASTM F1891, the appropriate standard for AR rainwear, Tyndale does not recommend FR rainwear with compliance claims based solely on ASTM D6413 – the Vertical Flame Test. While it is an excellent test for standard textile fabrics, it is not appropriate to be used as the sole qualifier for determining the performance requirements of flash fire protective rainwear. Which is exactly why ASTM F2733 was created.

ASTM F2733 Explained

Like ASTM F1891 for arc flash rainwear, ASTM F2733 starts with vertical flame testing – ASTM D6413. Then, the specification goes well beyond the vertical flame test to detail much more hazard-specific testing.

Rainwear is tested using ASTM F1930 – the manikin test and standard, but the tests performed in ASTM F2733 differ because they are performed on both the fabric itself in a standard coverall form and in the as-sold product form, typically, protective bibs or jackets. Unlike manikin testing, protective rainwear garments labelled as ASTM F2733-compliant must pass with 40% body burn or lower.

Watch as VP of Technical, Scott Margolin, shares the specifics behind why ASTM F2733 is the critical test for determining the performance requirements of flash fire protective rainwear.

Once we’ve established the protective performance of flash fire testing, ASTM F2733 goes on to add other tests around water resistance and mechanical properties which make it easy to see why Tyndale strongly recommends that rainwear for flash fire meet ASTM F2733, not just ASTM D6413. For everything related to ASTM F2733, check out related blog topics on the subject.

If your rainwear is expected to protect you in a flash fire, it should be tested in a flash fire.


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