Note: Some names and companies have been made anonymous.

I am actually proud to talk about our relationship, your support and leadership, and the relationship of our two companies. Moving to our employee purchase program with Tyndale has been the most positive thing we have done in our operations in some time – our linemen and electricians love the quality and variety of products and the customer service and expertise we receive from Tyndale. For me, the overall appearance of our teams have been greatly enhanced – I noticed it when we got together to send two storm teams off this week. Thank you.

Keller Kissam, Dominion Energy

Tyndale made the transition very seamless for us and for our employees. Overall I’d have to say Tyndale has been exceptional in responding to our needs.

Barry O’Leary, Northwestern Energy

I never knew a program could be so easy! If you want a managed program that you don’t have to manage yourself, that’s what Tyndale is.

Carrie Parman, Alliant Energy

It was a huge bonus that all the Tyndale products are made in the USA.

Jim Murphy, Duke Energy

I have not heard a complaint or worried about our FR program for the past few years since transitioning to Tyndale.

Todd Mucha, Formerly of Stallion Oilfield Services

I’d have to say that Tyndale’s best resources are its employees. Customer service goes above and beyond, and overall we’re very very satisfied with making Tyndale our clothing supplier.

Barry O’Leary, Northwestern Energy

Tyndale has been flexible enough to manage our Florida region a little different from the other regions and that was not a problem for them. They stepped up and took care of that.

Jim Murphy, Duke Energy

Tyndale is the Amazon of FR Clothing.

Carrie Parman, Alliant Energy

Knowing the total TESTED cal rating for two garments combined has been a total game changer for us.

Jim Murphy, Duke Energy

I was beyond impressed with the entire operation… Tyndale had a sheer willingness to do whatever it takes…They are great people. People you want to deal with.

Anonymous, Interviewed by Independent Research Firm

Outstanding. Their responsiveness, candor, willingness to think outside the box, really helped.

Anonymous, Interviewed by Independent Research Firm

I think of Tyndale as an incredible company. Amazing staff. People are friendly and so willing to help – to go above and beyond.

Anonymous, Interviewed by Independent Research Firm

There’s nothing I ask for that they don’t have!

Anonymous, Interviewed by Independent Research Firm

The last eight years, they’ve been phenomenal.

Anonymous, Interviewed by Independent Research Firm

High quality, flexibility, diversity, they were pretty much head and shoulders above everyone else when we looked at all aspects that are necessary.

Anonymous, Interviewed by Independent Research Firm

The diversity of product offerings was a step above everyone else.

Anonymous, Interviewed by Independent Research Firm

Everything we encountered with them spoke volumes about customer care.

Anonymous, Interviewed by Independent Research Firm

I think about the simplicity of how the process works as far as the online ordering system. And if the clothing doesn’t work out, it’s really easy to return it and get a credit. It doesn’t require a lot of administrative issues from our side. The interface is really easy to work with.

Anonymous, Interviewed by Independent Research Firm

I asked for samples and they gave me options I wasn’t even aware of. He gave me information he thought was best for our organization, not what was most expensive.

Anonymous, Interviewed by Independent Research Firm

I have heard little-to-no chatter from our employees, which I translate into high customer satisfaction. Our guys are loving the wider selection, customer service, and quick turnaround times. I have not heard of a single wrong shipment complaint, and I tend not to think much about FR clothing anymore (due to things going very smoothly).

Operations Manager, Utility Company

As a leading utility company, the safety of our workforce is a core value. Tyndale has been our FR clothing provider for over 20 years. Their knowledge and service allows us to supply our workforce with FR clothing that is not only comfortable and stylish but cost effective. Their turnkey approach frees us from having to manage our FR Program. Our workforce is happy with Tyndale’s quality and service.

Distribution Operations Manager, Utility Company

Please pass on to all those that you can our sincere thanks for all the support that Tyndale has given us. A great and well-run Company that always goes out of the way to help & support our cause.

Project Manager, Electric Utility Company

For 8 years FRC compliance and program had been a thorn in our side, and I have not heard a complaint or worried about the program in 2 years since switching to Tyndale. That’s taking time and energy off of my plate and our operations team and putting it back where the focus is, and that’s on our customers.

QHSE Manager, Oilfield Services Company

All of the people at Tyndale that are involved in our account are first class in every respect. I spent a lot of time in the field over the last two weeks working storm restoration with our employees. All of them expressed satisfaction with Tyndale’s merchandise and customer service. For this, we are very grateful!

Risk Manager, Construction Company

One of the best things that has happened to us [this year] has been…to work directly with you to outfit our guys. 100% of the comments from a group that at times have been difficult to satisfy have been all positive. You and your team did exactly what you said you would do, and you capably handled any and all of the unexpected issues that can arise from such an undertaking. Our company is proud to partner with Tyndale.

President, Electric Utility

I just set up an online ordering account and used it for the first time. It was very easy and makes the ordering go smoothly. I have ordered several times over the phone, and am satisfied with the service…. Overall I am very satisfied with Tyndale and have not encountered a single problem.

End User, Utility Company

Your company offers far better service than our previous FR vendor. I am looking forward to ordering products from your company in the future. Keep up the good work. Thanks! I am 100% satisfied with you as a vendor.

Manager, Electric Utility

The sweatshirts look great - everyone was very happy with them!!! Thank you again for your great service - Tyndale has never disappointed me!!!!

Performance Director, Utility Company

I am truly happy being back with your company. Your catalog ordering online is truly great. The return time of the orders is also outstanding.

Manager, Energy Utility

Everything is going excellent. Our employees couldn’t be happier. Making this change has improved attitudes and we are seeing a decrease in issues with FRC being worn properly. I have heard nothing but positive comments about the FRC. .. Thanks for all of your help and hard work. Please pass along our gratitude. Thanks.

Manager, Petrochemical Company

I am an employee who must wear FR clothing. The clothes that are available are good looking on and off the job sites. They hold up well with washing and do not wear out. The choices are plenty. The cost are reasonable. Thank you for making quality clothes.

End User, Electric Utility Company

My experience dealing with your customer service department a few times over the last 24 hours, has left me in a complete state of awe and cannot go without recognition. I have a renewed sense of "greatness" in customer service. Your people have got to be the best that exist in this country right now…and I don't say that lightly. In each of my three phone interactions, I was treated with the utmost respect. You're employees are friendly, funny, and knowledgeable. I felt that everyone I dealt with was in a league of their own. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a great nation we would be if we were filled with employees like the ones at Tyndale.

Manager, Gas Utility Company

Thank you for such good service and all the notices you send out to keep us informed on our orders.

Manager, Electronic Manufacturing

I just wanted to let you know that I am very well satisfied with the quality of your products and the great manner in which your staff is fulfilling my orders. Your computer software and system are doing the job to help keep me happy. Thank you for the great job. It’s appreciated.

End User, Electric Utility Company

You folks are great! Keep offering more US-made clothing.

Substation Worker, Electric Distribution

You all really ROCK! We had our fitting this morning ... Always ready to answer questions. I had a suggestion and the rep actually went straight to his note pad & wrote it down! Hours later, once I inventoried my FR closet I made 2 different calls to Tyndale & the phone service was just as friendly & warm! Thanks for the great attitudes from you all!

End User, Utility Company

Your company offers far better service than our previous FR vendor. I ordered two Tyndale garments and feel they are of equal or better quality when compared to [other FR] clothing I already own… I am looking forward to ordering products from your company in the future. Keep up the good work. Thanks

End User, Utility Company