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Witness the devastating power of full-scale real-world flash fires – and their impacts on manikins wearing more than a dozen common types of FRC and non-FR – from the safety of your own screen. Check out the videos of every test from our live demonstration, complete with expert commentary from Tyndale’s Scott Margolin:

Non-FR Polyester/Cotton Flammable Coverall

Flammable clothing can ignite in under one second, see how.

Non-FR Flammable Vest with 100% Cotton Coveralls

An aggressive flash fire leaves non-FR flammable clothing burning for a full minute after the flash fire is finished.

New Inherent DH Air and FRMC Denim Pants

Lightweight FR shirt and jeans survive aggressive flash fire with no shrinkage or after flame.

Men's & Women's Tyndale 88/12 Shirt & Pant

In this side-by-side, FR shirts and pants withstand flash fire and wind driven fire with no damage done.

88/12 Lightweight Ultra-soft Coverall

See how this most popular FR coverall performs when exposed to flash fire.

6 oz. Nomex Coverall

After just two seconds, this Nomex coverall endures significant damage.

Split Coverall: Comparing 88/12 and Nomex Fabric

Two of the most popular FR coveralls sewn together, see the clear performance difference in the two.

Non-FR Flammable Hoodie

When only half of your outfit is FR you’re at serious risk. Watch what happens when you wear non-FR over FR.

FR Hoodie + GoPro – POV

Watch FRC do its job with an added angle to see live what it would feel like to be caught in a flash fire.

Non-FR Flammable Outerwear over FR Shirt & Pant

Once a non-FR outer layer ignites, your FR can’t do its job properly. See what happens when pairing a non-FR vest with an FR shirt and pant.

Generic Meta-Aramid Coverall & 88/12 Comparison

We tested this coverall for a TEEX attendee. Watch as this coverall experiences considerable shrinkage after less than two seconds of flash fire exposure.

ASTM D6413 vs F2733 Rainwear

View the consequences of rainwear that doesn’t meet the appropriate FR standards.

Meta-Aramid Untucked

Meta-Aramid shirt and pant receive significant shrinkage after exposure to flash fire.


FR Clothing Vs. Non-FR Clothing

Shoulder to shoulder comparison - As stark a comparison as you'll ever see.

Westex DH Shirt & Westex Pant

Flame Resistant Protective Apparel - Complete engulfment, emerges intact.

Poly-cotton Coverall

Traditional Work Coverall - Instant ignition with melting and shrink-wrapping.

100% Cotton Coverall

Work Coverall - Total exposure leads to immediate ignition and catastrophic fire.

UltraSoft FR Coverall (After 100 Launderings)

Coverall with blend of 88% Cotton and 12% Nylon - No after flame or fire.

Bulwark IQ FR Shirt & Wrangler FR Jeans

The FR does it's job and emerges intact after an aggressive hit.

Non-FR Rainwear

Compliant to ASTM 107 but not flame resistant - instant melting/dripping/ignition.

Comparing FR Rainwear

ASTM D6413 (vertical flame test) vs. ASTM 2733 (specifically intended for rainwear)

Meta-Aramid FR Coverall

Inherent Fabric - Garment self extinguishes but, experiences significant shrinkage.

FR Coverall with Heat Transfer

Non Flame Resistant Heat Transfer - Tend to take on similar qualities to the base garment of which they are applied.

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