Dangers of Improper Wear: Arc Flash

Mistakes happen. But mistakes made when it comes to how you wear your arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing can mean the difference between walking away from an accident and being seriously injured – or worse – in such an event.

Follow our Dangers of Improper Wear series as we share powerful videos, each focusing on a common mistake made when wearing arc-rated (AR) apparel and the consequences of such mistakes when exposed to an arc flash.

With Scott Margolin, Vice President of Technical, as our guide, we’ll examine many of the common mistakes made when wearing AR clothing. Demonstrated through real-world arc flash video footage, you’ll see just how substantial those mistakes can be. Some common errors we’ll explore include:


We feel – and hope you’ll agree – that each of these videos make excellent training aids to emphasize the importance of wearing AR clothing and wearing it properly.

Do you have a flash fire – rather than an arc flash – hazard?

The hazards may differ, but the valuable lessons in this series are relevant to workers in other industries that use PPE to protect workers from thermal hazards. Don’t miss an episode!

Learning From These Mistakes

At Tyndale we are proud to protect the brave men and women like YOU who keep our country running, and dedicated to creating products, services, and training resources that ensure you return home safely to your family each night:

Have a Flash Fire hazard? Watch Dangers of Improper Wear: Flash Fire

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