The Dangers of Improper Wear: Episode 6 – Consequences of Using the Wrong Rainwear Standard

Our Dangers of Improper Wear series examines many of the common mistakes people make when wearing arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing, with real-world arc flash video footage that shows just how substantial each mistake can be. In each episode, you’ll find powerful examples of why wearing the right PPE, and wearing it properly, makes all the difference – with expert commentary from Scott Margolin, Vice President of Technical.

Dress Confidently for Arc-flash Hazards with ASTM F1891-Rated Protective Rainwear

Before you invest in arc-rated or flame resistant (AR / FR) rainwear it is important you’re aware of the standard that the garment passes to allow it to make its FR claim. Specifically, rainwear tested to ASTM D6413, the “Vertical Flame Test,” alone is not sufficient to protect against arc flash hazards. In this episode, you’ll see with your own eyes why ASTM F1891, “Standard Specification for Arc Resistant Rainwear,” is the only appropriate standard for AR-protective rainwear.

In the video below, the first arc-flash test was conducted on a manikin wearing ASTM D6413-rated rainwear – an inappropriate standard and compliance rating for rainwear intended to protect against an arc flash hazard. See the drastic difference in outcome between this rainwear and the rainwear tested to the standard specific to arc flash-protective rainwear (ASTM F1891) in the second test:

Consequences of Wearing ASTM D6413-Rated Rainwear During an Arc Flash Hazard

Our up-close GoPro footage demonstrates the extremely dangerous reality of wearing rainwear that doesn’t meet the appropriate protective standard. The rainwear rated only to ASTM D6413 breaks open and catches on fire, spreading molten polymer everywhere – and in this case the wearer is also at risk of his/her flammable base layer igniting and burning against the skin.

Please note, ASTM D6413 is also not an appropriate standard if exposed to flash fire hazards. In fact, ASTM F2733 is the official standard for flash fire-protective rainwear. Learn more about the rainwear standard for the flash fire hazard, and see why in these videos.

Benefits of Wearing ASTM F1891-Rated Rainwear During an Arc Flash Hazard

Compared to the ASTM D6413-rated rainwear, ASTM F1891-rated rainwear outperforms greatly – providing sufficient protection against an arc flash hazard. In fact, the ASTM F1891-rated rainwear is not at risk of breaking open, igniting and catching fire, or melting in an arc flash exposure.

Before you buy, make sure the rainwear you purchase is compliant with the standard that’s relevant to your hazard.

For a closer look at ASTM F1891 visit our How it’s Tested series, which explores safety standards and test methods for AR / FR garments and PPE. Have a flash fire hazard instead? ASTM F2733 is the rainwear standard for your hazard. Learn more about the rainwear standard for your hazard.

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Series: The Dangers of Improper Wear

Have you ever made any of these PPE mistakes? Follow along with our Dangers of Improper Wear series as we share powerful videos, each focusing on a common mistake made when wearing AR / FR clothing. Watch and learn – it could save your life.

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