Witness the Power of an Arc Flash

Tyndale, in cooperation with Westex by Milliken, recently held an educational event at KEMA Laboratories in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. In the morning, invited guests attended seminars by industry experts on topics such as safe work practices, changes to NFPA 70E, and how science is the key to FR safety, as well as a presentation from arc flash survivor Brandon Schroeder.

After lunch, the real excitement began. Attendees traveled to the KEMA testing range and witnessed a series of arc flash demonstrations, testing a wide variety of FR and non-FR garments. Attendance was limited by space consideration, but now you have the opportunity to watch videos of some of the arc tests for yourself.

The afternoon began with a test featuring a manikin dressed in 100% 70E-compliant PPE, including 88/12, CAT 2 FR shirt and pants, hardhat with a chin cuff, rubber gloves and leather keepers. This test clearly demonstrates the efficacy of compliant PPE. Despite being just 15 inches from the arc source, there is no fire on the garments. This video also highlights the sometimes overlooked danger presented by molten metal projected from the blast source.

KEMA Arc Flash Demo – FR Shirt


The next video features a relatively small, 2 cal arc flash generated by a 30 amp source, and is conducted without a manikin. This allows you to see how the energy projects with nothing to slow it down.

KEMA Arc Flash Demo – No Manikin


Here we take a look at the risks posed by an increasing common issue – counterfeit FR clothing. Recently, Tyndale and other suppliers have noticed a significant uptick in online offers of FR garments at suspiciously low prices. Tyndale has taken the lead on securing, testing and exposing some of this counterfeit FR as part of our commitment to worker safety. Watch the video below for a graphic demonstration on how important it is to make sure the FR you’re relying on to keep you safe comes from a reputable source.

KEMA Arc Flash Demo – Counterfeit FR


Then, we tested the assumption that non-FR 100% cotton garments are safer than meltable synthetic fabrics. See for yourself the danger of opting for non-FR cotton clothing in an energized environment.

KEMA Arc Flash Demo – 100% Cotton Non-FR Shirt


Finally, we take a look at how non-FR, poly-cotton blend garments fare in an arc flash. The simple answer – not well at all.

KEMA Arc Flash Demo – Polyester / Cotton Non-FR Shirt


While these videos are spectacular to watch, they tell a very important story. The tests shown here were conducted with inanimate manikins, but had any of these events taken place in the presence of a live worker who was not wearing proper PPE, the results would have been catastrophic.

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