The power of layering, in the palm of your hand.


The quickest, easiest way to ensure that you’re adequately protected against arc flash hazards.


What is the Arc Flash Layering Tool?

If you want to layer arc-rated flame resistant (FR) garments to achieve a desired level of arc flash protection, it’s not safe to simply add the arc ratings together. The only way to know the true level of protection provided by the layers combined is to arc flash test that specific combination of garments.

Sound complicated? We’ve made it easy! Tyndale has one of the largest collections of layered arc flash testing data in the industry, and our new tool places our data in the palm of your hand.

Available through our Tyndale app for tablets and smart phones, or through your online Tyndale account, our NEW tool makes it quick and easy to make sure your layers provide adequate protection from arc flash hazards, based on proven test data.

Don’t see the layering tool in your account but think it would be beneficial to you? Reach out to your safety supervisor. Your company’s safety policy always takes priority over any advice shared by Tyndale.

How Does it Work?

Select a desired level of arc protection, and the tool will show you what to layer, using:

  • Items you already own
  • Items available in your catalog
  • Combination of items you already own and items available in your catalog

See It In Action!

Tyndale is and always has been fully committed to your safety. Our new Arc Flash Layering App is just one more tool we offer to help ensure that you return home safely to your family at the end of every workday.

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