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Tyndale recently held a Flash Fire demonstration event at the Texas A&M Extension Service. We packed a lot into one day, including subjecting over a dozen different garments to flash fire simulations. Now you can watch videos of every test, complete with expert commentary from Tyndale’s Scott Margolin, below.

FR Clothing Vs. Non-FR Clothing

Shoulder to shoulder comparison - As stark a comparison as you'll ever see.

Westex DH Shirt & Westex Pant

Flame Resistant Protective Apparel - Complete engulfment, emerges intact.

Poly-cotton Coverall

Traditional Work Coverall - Instant ignition with melting and shrink-wrapping.

100% Cotton Coverall

Work Coverall - Total exposure leads to immediate ignition and catastrophic fire.

UltraSoft FR Coverall (After 100 Launderings)

Coverall with blend of 88% Cotton and 12% Nylon - No after flame or fire.

Bulwark IQ FR Shirt & Wrangler FR Jeans

The FR does it's job and emerges intact after an aggressive hit.

Non-FR Rainwear

Compliant to ASTM 107 but not flame resistant - instant melting/dripping/ignition.

Comparing FR Rainwear

ASTM D6413 (vertical flame test) vs. ASTM 2733 (specifically intended for rainwear)

Meta-Aramid FR Coverall

Inherent Fabric - Garment self extinguishes but, experiences significant shrinkage.

FR Coverall with Heat Transfer

Non Flame Resistant Heat Transfer - Tend to take on similar qualities to the base garment of which they are applied.

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