ASTM F1891

Standard Specification for Arc Resistant Rainwear

This is the governing ASTM Standard for Flame Resistant Rainwear. The following are requirements of ASTM F1891:

  • A sample of fabric must self-extinguish with <2 second afterflame and <6″ char length according to ASTM Test Method D6413.
  • In contrast to ASTM F1506, ASTM F1891 requires that each different color of the same fabric be tested.
  • The fabric must be tested for Arc Thermal Performance according to ASTM Test Method F1959. The results of the Arc Thermal Performance testing must be reported to the end user as an Arc Rating on a garment label. Rainwear that meets ASTM F1891 complies with OSHA 1910.269.  ASTM F1891 is a pass/fail standard with requirements for reporting information not considered for the pass/fail criteria. All garments that meet the requirements of ASTM F1891 must state so on a garment label.
  • Material must withstand water pressure of 30 psig without leaking. The seams of the rainwear must not exhibit any evidence of leakage when exposed to water at 3 psig for (2) two minutes.
  • Material shall have a trapezoidal tear resistance of 6 lbs. in the warp direction and 6 lbs. in the fill direction.
  • Materials attached to the rainwear shall be permanent and electrically non-conductive, and shall not degrade the performance of the rainwear.
  • Rainwear material shall be flame resistant and shall not melt and drip when tested in accordance with ASTM D6413-08 and shall exhibit no more than a 2 second after flame time and less than a 6” char length.

The standard can be purchased and downloaded from the ASTM website at