Ordering Flame Resistant (FR) Clothing FAQs

1What are your customer service hours? Will I be transferred overseas when I call for help?

Tyndale is committed to providing high quality Customer Service solutions right here in the USA. All our helpful Customer Service representatives are located onsite at our Pipersville, PA corporate headquarters location.

Our average hold time is less than one minute, with 95% of all calls being answered within two minutes. Just call 800-356-3433 to speak to one of our helpful Customer Service representatives.

If you have a question, call Customer Service between 7am-9pm ET Monday-Friday.

2How do I ensure that my profile and information are kept up to date?

If you have moved, changed jobs or work locations, or would like to update your current information, you can call Customer Service at 800-356-3433.

3How do I place an order?

Tyndale specializes in providing allowance and allotment programs for companies and their employees. If you’ve never placed an order with us and want to learn more about our allowance program for your company, speak to one of our sales representatives. If you’re an existing customer and your company has an established Tyndale account with online ordering, it’s quick and easy to log on to your customized online ordering system. Or, contact Customer Service at 800-356-3433 for help placing an order by phone, fax, or email.

4I forgot my password. What do I do?

If you have an existing account and forgot your password, you can call Customer Service at 800-356-3433 during business hours. You can also visit www.tyndaleusa.com and click on "Login To My Company Managed Account" and choose “Forgot My Password.” or you can use the convenient “Chat” feature to request help from a Customer Service representative.

5How do I receive updates about the status of my order?

If you would like to receive Estimated Ship Date (ESD) notifications by email about the status of your order, simply call Customer Service to have this functionality added. The ESD is the scheduled week that an item will ship. For example, if an item has an ESD of Monday, July 1, the item would be shipped during that week. If you do not wish to receive regular ESD notifications, our Customer Service representatives can quote called over the phone at 800-356-3433.

6Does Tyndale keep track of my order history in case I want to re-order something?

Tyndale maintains a comprehensive ordering history for each employee from account creation onward. This order history is available online at www.tyndaleusa.com or by calling Customer Service at 800-356-3433.

7What is the turnaround time for a return to be processed and to receive my replacement item?

The turnaround time for the processing and return credit is 24–48 hours upon receipt of item. The replacement order is allocated the day after the credit is processed. In-stock items are shipped immediately. Items that must be obtained from out partner vendors are shipped as soon as they are logged in to our warehouse.

8How do I create an online ordering account?

The quickest way to create an online ordering account is to call Customer Service at 800-356-3433. Alternately, you may click the link on our website to set up a new account. Due to security concerns, requests made online must be individually reviewed by our Account Specialists. Typically, online accounts requested this way are set up within 24 hours.

9 What’s your return and exchange policy?

Because every company that we serve establishes its own policy on returns and exchanges, it’s best to contact Customer Service at 800-356-3433 to determine the policy for your company.

10Does Tyndale have a warranty policy?

Whether manufactured by Tyndale or one of our suppliers, Tyndale will repair or replace any garment at no charge that is determined at Tyndale’s sole discretion to have a manufacturer’s defect.

11What’s your repair policy?

Tyndale offers complimentary repairs and alterations on garments purchased from Tyndale as an included service of Tyndale’s Managed Apparel Programs. Examples of repairs and alterations available are fixing minor tears and small holes, repairing a seam, or hemming pants (certain brands of pants are not eligible to be hemmed). Customers may receive alterations/repairs at any time, provided the garment is still in clean, usable condition. Prepaid shipping labels are provided at no charge by Customer Service to return the garment. To obtain the free shipping label, please contact Customer Service at 800-356-3433.