COVID-19 and Supply Chain Update - November 17, 2020

Tyndale has maintained the exceptional service and support you expect from us over the past nine months. Early in the pandemic, we pivoted to manufacture and deliver over a million flame resistant masks, contributing to the protection of essential workers throughout the US.

What we’re doing to ensure continuous delivery:

Our goal is to do everything in our power to provide prompt delivery of products while maintaining the safety of our workers. Steps we’ve taken thus far are outlined in detail below.

Deep Inventory Commitment for best delivery:

We stock our warehouses – located in PA and TX - with a combined $24M in inventory, offering inventory redundancy between our two locations.

  • Popular FR Supplier Inventory:
    • We stock over $12M in men’s and women’s inventory from popular suppliers like Carhartt, Ariat, Wrangler, Bulwark and TrueNorth so your order is on the shelves and ready to ship when the order is placed.
    • We’ve expanded our stocking positions, and accelerated our inventory stock positions, bringing product in early on the most popular styles, sizes and colors from these suppliers.
  • Tyndale Inventory: By stocking over $12M in Tyndale finished goods inventory in our warehouse in a broad range of sizes – from men’s Small to 5XL and Tall sizes, up to size 60” waist – we can fit virtually any employee at any time with US-made, Tyndale-brand stock from our shelves.
  • Tyndale has placed stocking orders with key suppliers for over 10 years - Carhartt, Bulwark, Ariat, Wrangler, TrueNorth and NSA. Inventory is on the shelves to fill orders promptly. Oftentimes, this means we have inventory on popular brands when others are out of stock.
  • Stocking orders are placed based on data from our demand forecasting and updated monthly. We adjust our forecast to respond to demand fluctuations, ensuring the products your workers want are on the shelves.

Safety Protocols to ensure continuous service to you and your employees:

We’re taking important steps to ensure our workers are safe and on-the-job, able to support your company’s essential workers with critical PPE.

  • Tyndale employees that can perform their job remotely have been doing so since March.
  • In-house, no-touch temperature screening and recording as employees arrive for their shift.
  • Enact and enforce exceptional safety precautions in our facilities to ensure continuous staffing, minimizing the risk of COVID transmission in the workplace per CDC – masks required, 6’ distancing and frequent handwashing.
  • Put in place a progressive discipline policy, up to and including termination, for non-compliance with COVID safety protocols. Zero tolerance for reporting to work sick.
  • Our garment manufacturers follow comparable safety protocols as well.

Expectations for the future:

Tyndale is committed to getting accurate information and updates to you as soon as possible. As we transition seasons, from fall into winter moving into the traditional flu season, heightened sensitivity around workplace illness may increase our absentee rate, despite our rigorous safety protocols. This may impact our ability to fulfill orders.

  • While there are many product options available, we have seen an uptick in long back orders on specific items due to either extraordinary demand or supply chain disruptions.
  • Much of the FR supply chain is global, and shifting regulations and realities for COVID have resulted in disruptions and are likely to do so into the future.
  • Our Made in the USA brand can respond more quickly than international supply chains, but many of the items workers want to purchase are internationally sourced.
  • We have plenty of PPE to ship quickly, but we may be significantly back ordered on a specific style, from a specific manufacturer, in a specific size, with long lead time for replenishment.
  • While styles in specific sizes and colors may experience stock-outs, our deep inventory position across many styles ensures workers have access to alternate styles in a range of sizes in all product categories.
  • We’re seeing sporadic increases in shipping times – particularly from UPS and FedEx. This is based on a sustained, significant increase in volume. Hiring has expanded in an effort to keep up with demand.
  • While we traditionally staff up for our peak season, competition for a limited worker pool has led to staffing challenges. We are having difficulty adding staff due to COVID and the economy.
  • We are adjusting order volume between our distribution centers based on staffing.
  • Broader choice to wearers results in better product options and availability – consider expanding your catalog today if you have a limited product selection.

While many companies - 75% of business leaders – have identified issues in the production and distribution supply chain during COVID, Tyndale has been fortunate thus far to have experienced a limited impact on our business. We will continue to keep you updated on the status of our inventory and distribution. Thank you for your patience and understanding during the coming weeks, as we work to minimize the impact of COVID. We appreciate your patience with possible delays. Know that we are doing everything in our power to limit the impact of COVID on you, your company and your wearers.

Please be safe and stay healthy.

Rob Whittenberger
Tyndale Company, Inc.

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