Tyndale's Newest Arc

Flash Video Series

Why wear arc-rated clothing, and wear it well? You be the judge. We put arc-rated and non-AR clothing to the test in a series of powerful real-world simulations. Witness the power of an arc flash, and how the right AR clothing can save your life – with expert commentary from industry expert Scott Margolin.

CAT 1 Base layer

Arc rated base layer - Complete engulfment, emerges intact.

CAT 1 coverall in CAT 2 Arc

PPE inadequate for hazard - AR Outer layer overwhelmed by hazard allows ignition of cotton base layer

New CAT 2 Garment

This arc rated garment does its job and emerges intact after a direct hit.

Non FR Cotton - 100% Cotton Shirt

Arc flash causes immediate ignition and catastrophic fire.

AR 100 Washes – UltraSoft® FR Coverall (After 100 Launderings)

Performs equally as well as new garment, no after flame or significant damage to garment.

Poly/Cotton Shirt – Polyester Cotton Shirt

Instant ignition with melting, consuming the garment within seconds.

4.7oz Carhartt AR Shirt –Very light weight CAT 2

Does extremely well despite weight and large arc.

ASTM D6413 Rainwear (CAUTION)

Compliant to ASTM D6413 vertical flame standard, is inappropriate for arc rated Rainwear - ignition with melting and shrink-wrapping.

ASTM F1891 AR Rainwear

Compliant to appropriate protective rainwear standard - emerges intact after a direct hit.

Non FR Outerwear over FRC

Non FR jacket and vest - Ignition and sustained fire; catastrophic despite FRC underneath.

Meltable base layer under AR

Meltable base layer ignites and melts causing significant injury despite AR outer layer.

20 CAL Arc Suit

The Arc Suit does well and emerges intact after a 25 cal arc.

12 CAL Arc Suit

Complete engulfment, does well despite an arc above its rating.

Improper Wear: Untucked

AR shirt worn improperly allows arc to ignite flammable base layer causing smoldering and burn injury.

Versa AR Outerwear

Jacket with blend of 88% FR Cotton and 12% Nylon – Emerges intact with no after flame or fire.

Cotton Base Layer

T-shirt ignites under the untucked FR garment.

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