Tyndale's Newest Arc

Flash Video Series

Why wear arc-rated clothing, and wear it well? You be the judge. We put arc-rated and non-AR clothing to the test in a series of powerful real-world simulations. Witness the power of an arc flash, and how the right AR clothing can save your life – with expert commentary from industry expert Scott Margolin.

Arc 1 - CAT 1 Base layer

Arc rated base layer - Complete engulfment, emerges intact.

Arc 2 - CAT 1 coverall in CAT 2 Arc

PPE inadequate for hazard - AR Outer layer overwhelmed by hazard allows ignition of cotton base layer

Arc 3 - New CAT 2 Garment

This arc rated garment does its job and emerges intact after a direct hit.

Arc 4 - Non FR Cotton - 100% Cotton Shirt

Arc flash causes immediate ignition and catastrophic fire.

Arc 5 - AR 100 Washes – UltraSoft® FR Coverall (After 100 Launderings)

Performs equally as well as new garment, no after flame or significant damage to garment.

Arc 6 – Poly/Cotton Shirt – Polyester Cotton Shirt

Instant ignition with melting, consuming the garment within seconds.

Arc 7 - 4.7oz Carhartt AR Shirt –Very light weight CAT 2

Does extremely well despite weight and large arc.

Arc 8 - ASTM D6413 Rainwear (CAUTION)

Compliant to ASTM D6413 vertical flame standard, is inappropriate for arc rated Rainwear - ignition with melting and shrink-wrapping.

Arc 9 - ASTM F1891 AR Rainwear

Compliant to appropriate protective rainwear standard - emerges intact after a direct hit.

Arc 10 - Non FR Outerwear over FRC

Non FR jacket and vest - Ignition and sustained fire; catastrophic despite FRC underneath.

Arc 11 - Meltable base layer under AR

Meltable base layer ignites and melts causing significant injury despite AR outer layer.

Arc 12 - 20 CAL Arc Suit

The Arc Suit does well and emerges intact after a 25 cal arc.

Arc 13 - 12 CAL Arc Suit

Complete engulfment, does well despite an arc above its rating.

Arc 14 - Improper Wear: Untucked

AR shirt worn improperly allows arc to ignite flammable base layer causing smoldering and burn injury.

Arc 15 - Versa AR Outerwear

Jacket with blend of 88% FR Cotton and 12% Nylon – Emerges intact with no after flame or fire.

Arc 16 - Cotton Base Layer

T-shirt ignites under the untucked FR garment.

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