Senior National Account Executive

800-356-3433 ext. 609



Todd Neff’s deep knowledge of FR fabrics, standards and the FR industry has been developed through 15 years of experience at Tyndale! Todd Neff started in a Field Sales position, traveling to customer locations to conduct on-site fittings and delivering safety presentations on “Facts about FR clothing” to workers. In his current role as Senior National Account Executive, Todd oversees the entire account management process and is the primary contact for safety and management.

Todd handles program set-up – scheduling on-site fittings, coordinating all decisions with safety management, developing a comprehensive roll-out plan – and works closely with his Account Manager and Account Specialist to manage the day to day operations of his clothing programs.

Todd has developed and maintains a high level of product knowledge and listens to customer needs, identifying internal resources necessary to meet those needs. Todd is the key contact responsible for successful program development, implementation, and management in his territory.

Todd currently manages customer accounts in AL, GA, HI, NC, SC, and TN.