Senior National Account Executive

800-356-3433 ext. 626



Ken Meschwitz, National Account Executive, joined Tyndale in 2012 – bringing over 25 years of past sales experience to his role. Ken works closely with his customers to develop and implement a solution-based managed apparel program.

Ken manages program set-up – scheduling Tyndale 360° events, coordinating all decisions with safety management, developing a comprehensive roll-out plan – and works closely with his Account Manager and Account Specialist to manage the day-to-day operations of his clothing programs. Ken maintains a high level of product knowledge and listens to customer needs, identifying internal resources necessary to meet those needs.

Serving TX-based companies in the oil and gas, railway/transportation, Union, up/midstream contractor, utility, and utility contractor sectors, he is highly skilled at developing and growing relationships with his customers, delivering unmatched service to ensure a successful program.