Regional Sales Director

800-356-3433 ext. 631



Chad Barker, Tyndale’s Regional Sales Director, brings 20 years of experience in uniform and FR clothing operations and sales experience to his role and is a knowledgeable resource on the industry, standards, and fabrics. Chad works closely with his team to ensure his customers receive the highest level of service, leverage the full range of benefits associated with Tyndale’s solution, and are informed of changes and updates in the industry.

Chad previously held General Manager and Sales Manager positions for national industrial laundry companies, G&K Services and Aramark. In these roles, Chad managed the end-to-end operations by leading people and managing the processes involved in delivering results for the customers, company, and shareholders.

Chad served as a National Account Executive to Tyndale customers in the northwest for four years before being promoted to his current role as Regional Sales Director. As a National Account Executive, Chad maintained intimate familiarity with FR fabrics, garments, and standards, as well as the capabilities of Tyndale’s managed program.

In his current role, Chad uses his extensive experience to manage a team of Account Executives across the western US.