Empowering Herstory: Crafting Autonomy – Women in Apparel Design

In this last episode of Empowering Herstory, we revisit Susan Glynn’s story from our Women in Power series. Susan boasts a remarkable 20-year tenure at Ariat, a women-owned performance apparel brand, and reminisces on the inspiration that has driven her to excel in her current position as Ariat’s Vice President of Apparel Design and Development. Susan shares how her experiences have led to a meaningful leadership role designing safety apparel for women.


“My real true passion has been in the textile and clothing business,” says Susan. Reflecting on her journey and the lessons gleaned from past roles, she shares, “When I look at our end-users, I see them as athletes. We want them to be super comfortable. We need [the products] to be functional and really protect them from the elements and exposures.”

Addressing the crucial aspect of comfort, Susan emphasizes the importance of fit and functionality in women’s arc-rated and flame resistant (AR/FR) clothing and how it relates to mobility, an important consideration for clothing worn on the job. Susan elaborates, “Developing women’s products is so much more complicated. You really want to focus on the right fit. Getting the product to fit on a woman’s body requires a lot of adjustment in patterns. We fit on all different body shapes. We want to make sure that all the products look great on the body but are also really functional and provide a lot of mobility.”

In fact, Susan shares that it can take up to two years to develop an FR product from start to finish. “All the fabric has to go through all the rigorous testing and certification. It’s challenging but then also rewarding when you can see all the products come together.” Ultimately, the greatest satisfaction lies in knowing that the end result offers both comfort and protection to those who wear it.

When asked about the importance of choice for women who are required to wear FR clothing, Susan knows better than most how choice drives satisfaction and safety. “For the longest time, women didn’t have a lot of choices. You’re wearing this clothing 8–10 hours a day, so you want to feel good when you’re doing your job.”

Susan emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and empowering women in industries where their presence is outnumbered by men. Providing women with choices in their AR/FR clothing not only enhances their safety but also validates their voices and experiences within the field.

To view Susan’s full story, click here.



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