Empowering Herstory: Embracing Responsibility as a Local Gas Representative

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re revisiting our Women in Power series. Revisit our conversation with Kori Wormsbecker, a journeyman at Avista Utilities. Up until her apprenticeship, Kori worked in the call center at Avista. So, when we asked how she balanced her home life, including parenting her daughter in middle school, with the strenuous work that comes with completing the journeyman apprenticeship, she stated, “I didn’t even know what a gas pipe was, so I had to be taught everything. And there were some challenges.”


As the only local gas representative covering Ritzville, Washington, and its seven surrounding towns, Kori’s priorities are diverse. From responding to service calls, performing odorant reads to addressing natural gas leaks, designing customized gas line configurations for customers, and even conducting fire department trainings – Kori’s role is dynamic and crucial.

Reflecting on what Kori loves most about her work, she emphasizes the unique responsibility that comes with being the only local gas representative in the area. In her words, “I’m the only one out here and I am responsible for my customers so if they’re smelling something, their furnace isn’t working – it’s me. And then I get to go help them and that’s what’s so rewarding.”

When asked whether she had any advice for women considering a career in the oil and gas or utility industries, both on a personal and professional level, Kori had valuable insights to share. She expressed, “The biggest thing is, if you want to get a journeyman card, be proud of that journeyman card. You’re a journeyman. It’s a job title. That’s all it is. It doesn’t define who you are. And always smile – they cannot take that smile off of your face.”

To watch the full episode and learn more about Kori’s experience, click here.



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