Empowering Herstory: Independence as a Woman in the Power Industry

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re revisiting our Women in Power series. Tyndale has made it our personal mission to uplift and empower women leading the way in careers where arc-rated and flame resistant (AR/FR) clothing is required. Revisit our conversation with Maureen Miller, a Wisconsin-based lineman, and learn how independence plays a critical role in her career.


At 19, Maureen Miller was on a path to becoming a registered nurse. After her father’s friend suggested the idea of becoming a lineman, Maureen decided to conquer a non-traditional career as a journeyman lineman. Today, she is a journeyman lineman working out of IBEW Local 2150.

Maureen’s goal of becoming a lineman was fueled by both physical and financial independence. She liked the idea of working outdoors and the adrenaline that comes with scaling power poles. The mental and physical endurance necessary to be successful offers a challenge Maureen was willing to meet. And with the financial stability that comes with being a lineman, Maureen relates, “I will actually be able to retire when I want to.”

During Maureen’s apprenticeship, women were not as present in the power industry as they are today. Maureen proved to the men on her job sites that she could work independently, and that they didn’t have to be on edge, talk differently, or watch their backs. “Anyone I work with knows that’s not the case,” she says. “It gives me a badge of honor to say, I’m a lineman – because it’s a hard job for anyone to do.”

Read Maureen’s full story here.


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