Enespro 40cal Suit Faces Off Against DC Arc – Witness the Power!

Navigating energized electrical environments comes with the inherent risk of direct current (DC) arc flash hazards. When working in this environment, it is critical to be equipped with proper PPE that ensures your safety. Curious about the resilience of an Enespro arc flash suit when it encounters an oncoming DC arc? Our Vice President of Technical, Scott Margolin, takes you through our test below:


In the video, the manikin – dressed in a CAT 4/40 cal Enespro suit – is hit immediately with a massive DC arc. Due to the sheer magnitude of the arc, part of the copper electrode used to ignite the arc continues to spark and melt – even after the test is administered. However, due to the garment’s strong arc-rating, the suit receives minimal afterflame and rapidly self-extinguishes. Although the arc flash does leave the garment heavily carbonized, the garment remains intact and fully functional.

Scott then reveals footage from an earlier test, where we investigated if the fan located in the hood of the suit pulls in smoke, potentially causing safety issues for the wearer. The Enespro suit is once again hit with a DC arc with the same incident energy level. After the arc flash ignites and the smoke clears, the hood of the suit is lifted – revealing no smoke pulled into the hood.

Bottom line: When working in an environment prone to arc flash hazards, it is essential to be equipped with arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) garments whose arc-rating meets or exceeds the incident energy of the oncoming arc flash hazard.

Uncertain about the incident energy level of arc flashes commonly associated with your workplace? Consult your supervisor for further guidance. Don’t take a chance when it comes to your safety. Ensure that you wear your last line of protection before heading to the job site.

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