Your “Easy Button” for NFPA 70E Safety Training

Do you know the ins and outs of NFPA 70E? Intimidated, or not sure where to begin?

Start here! Whether you’re a beginner or you have ample field experience, our new video-based training series NFPA 70E Made Easy is for you.

This “crash course” delves into the intricacies of NFPA 70E, a vital tool since 1979 for establishing practical and safe workplaces. Recognizing its significance, we’ve created an entire noncommercial educational resource hub dedicated to this essential standard. Our guide offers comprehensive insights that make electrical safety accessible and understandable for all.

Jason Brozen, Tyndale’s in-house technical resource and Corporate Safety Trainer, leads the video training sessions. He is a master electrician, an NFPA Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional (CESCP), and an arc flash survivor whose mission, vision, and passion – like Tyndale’s – is to keep workers safe. Jason is an experienced NFPA 70E (affectionately dubbed “the 70E” in the video training sessions) trainer. It’s his goal to convey this engaging, lifesaving safety information to as many people as possible.

As Jason says, “you have to get into NFPA 70E and stay in it” to establish and maintain your functional knowledge base. This series is designed to give you that foundation you need.

In our experience, slow and steady is the best way to take in and retain information – without getting overwhelmed. We’re posting a new video training session every other week, breaking the standard into digestible sequential chunks that span the Introduction and all commonly referenced chapters of the standard. In each installment, you’ll find a short video that breaks down a section of NFPA 70E and highlights the most important takeaways.

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