Trending in 2023: Tyndale’s Top Videos

Each year, our VP of Technical, Scott Margolin, brings our viewers relevant industry education through our technical video library. Scott’s extensive experience and knowledge provide Tyndale with unmatched technical expertise. As our Vice President of Technical, Scott serves as Tyndale’s lead resource for any technical questions or issues that arise.

Tyndale’s video library grew exponentially in 2023. We published 55 new videos, and viewers like you clicked – a lot. Grab your popcorn and join Scott to review our top 5 videos from 2023! 

#5 - Arc Week Season 4, Ep. 2: “Safety Has to be a Priority,” The Brandon Schroeder Story

Brandon Schroeder’s survival defies the odds, which is exactly what the burn unit doctors told him. A seemingly routine task led to a life-altering incident – 16% body burns on his face and arms. After overcoming physical agony, pain medication, and psychological turmoil, Schroeder found a new purpose – to educate thousands of men and women on the importance of understanding risks and prioritizing safety.

#4 - Arc Week Season 4, Ep. 1: “Fireball Smith,” the Brandon Smith Story

Pulled from another project to help with a rush job, Brandon was wearing a 100% cotton company shirt as an arc flash ignited. Just 27 years old, Smith’s 41% body burn yielded a chilling 68% death rate – he was mere minutes from not making it. Smith, a 12-year electrician, is a survivor and messenger, igniting a culture of cautious responsibility for a safer work environment.

#3 - Arc Week Season 4, Ep. 3: “Don’t Be Me,” The Jason Brozen Story

Jason Brozen faced danger head-on and emerged with greater strength and wisdom, surviving life-altering burns that stole seven months of his work life and demanded five months of therapy. Etched onto his skin are lifelong scars that narrate a cautionary tale. Jason's most important lesson? Refuse to follow in his footsteps – wear the right PPE for your job. As the steward of your own safety, remember that protecting yourself begins with you.

#2 - The Challenge of Finding Proper Fitting FRC

Proper-fitting flame resistant clothing (FRC) goes beyond safety. When workers are comfortable, they can be fully engaged in work activities – which drives safety and productivity. However, consistently finding the right fit can be a challenge. Even products sold by the same company can fit differently from item to item. Our runner-up video of the year covers some of the issues that make this possible and Tyndale’s initiative to standardize the sizes of all Tyndale-made garments.

#1 - EVs and the DC Hazard: AC vs DC Arc Flash – What’s the Difference?

Understanding direct current (DC) arc hazards is crucial at this moment, given the increasing prevalence of electric vehicles (EVs) on US roads and the expanding infrastructure needed to support them. This series lays out the differences between the alternating current (AC) arc hazard and its lesser-known DC counterpart. We are proud to demonstrate the power of DC arcs on video – for the first time ever in the industry! Witness firsthand the life-saving difference the right AR / FR clothing makes in the face of a DC arc.

By sharing important information throughout the year, we emphasize our commitment to deliver safe, dependable products and reliable service. We look forward to providing new video content in 2024 that helps keep you and your workers safe on the job.

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