Tyndale Announces Strategic Leadership Transition in Operations

As part of Tyndale’s ongoing commitment to strategic succession planning and organizational excellence, we’re announcing a planned leadership transition within our operations department.

After an incredible journey with Tyndale, our Vice President of Operations, Steve Corr, is set to retire in 2024. Preparing for this transition, we welcomed Brian Lange, P.E., in November 2023 as our new Vice President of Operations. With over 35 years of Fortune 100 expertise in global Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain, Engineering, Quality, and Digital Transformation, Brian brings a wealth of experience to Tyndale.

Brian Lange’s appointment is a strategic maneuver to ensure a smooth transition and uphold Tyndale’s commitment to operational excellence. Steve Corr will transition to a Senior Advisor role, providing invaluable support to our corporate functions until his retirement later this year, continuing to report directly to Tyndale’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Whittenberger.

Expressing gratitude for Steve Corr’s immeasurable contributions and confidence in Brian Lange’s ability to lead, our CEO, Robert Whittenberger, emphasizes the strategic shift’s importance. It underscores Tyndale’s commitment to a robust succession plan, ensuring continuity and strength in operational leadership.

By joining forces with Tyndale, one of the market’s largest suppliers of AR/FR clothing, Brian is poised to elevate Tyndale’s impact on workplace safety. Brian emphasizes his commitment to building on our strong foundation, leveraging knowledge and expertise in the AR/FR market to optimize and automate processes and systems for sustained growth.

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