Arc Bites: The Comfort Factor

In the world of workplace safety, comfort is often an overlooked, yet essential, criteria for selecting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). When it comes to arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing, comfort is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Arc Bite Round Table Discussion: The Comfort of PPE

In this continuing round table discussion from Arc Week Season Four, William Watson, VP of Safety at Miller Electric and the Chairman of NECA’s Large Contractor Safety Group, dives deep into the heart of the matter with arc flash survivors Jason Brozen, Brandon Schroeder, and Brandon Smith. Together, they explore and emphasize the significance of comfort in ensuring the effectiveness of safety programs and PPE.

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As Jason aptly puts it, “If you don’t like the clothes, you’re not going to wear the clothes.” Brandon echoes this sentiment, highlighting that truly comfortable PPE becomes an integral part of an employee’s life, even outside of working hours.

Comfort: The Game-Changer in Workplace Safety

The conversations held at the round table carry weight because they stem from personal experiences as arc-flash survivors. These survivor’s insights emphasize a critical point: comfortable AR / FR clothing increases compliance. When workers find their protective gear comfortable, they are more likely to wear it consistently and correctly. Imagine protective gear that doesn't just hang in the closet, waiting for the next workday. Instead, it becomes a natural extension of the worker, comfortable enough to wear not only during work hours but also during their personal adventures. Comfortable protective clothing isn't just practical; it's a lifestyle choice that enhances safety.

Embrace comfort, prioritize safety, and let your AR / FR clothing be your shield—both on the job and off! Browse Tyndale’s curated collections, where unbeatable comfort meets unwavering protection.

Do you have a flash fire – rather than an arc flash – hazard?
The hazards may differ, but the valuable lessons in this series are relevant to workers in oil and gas and other industries that use PPE to protect workers from thermal hazards. Don’t miss it!


Series: Arc Bites

Arc Bites condenses in-depth dicussions into short, focused episodes no more than two minutes long and provides concise, insightful content, offering practical takeaways on Arc Flash safety in easily disgestible bites.

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