New FR Base Layers to Love This Season

Layering is an excellent way to maintain comfort in in-between temperatures, when it’s chilly in the morning and evening but warm in between, and during the winter months, when you’re going between warm buildings and trucks and frigid outdoor weather. Too cold? Add a layer. Too warm? Remove a layer (where appropriate and allowed by your hazard analysis and safety policy).

When there are arc flash and/or flash fire hazards in your work environment, base layers take on added significance. In fact, it’s vitally important you never wear a meltable base layer, and it’s a best practice to wear an arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) base layer.

As the seasons change, reach for one of these new Tyndale AR / FR base layer options:


Not only are these base layers great layering pieces from a warmth standpoint, they also:

  • Add a layer of arc flash and flash fire protection to your clothing system.

What you wear under your (AR / FR) clothing is almost important as the AR / FR itself – here’s why!

  • Help regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable by managing perspiration as you work.

Both of these new base layers are made from comfortable, lightweight, and breathable performance AR / FR fabrics by FRMC® with built-in flame resistance and moisture-wicking and fast-drying properties. Read more about the innovative Regulator™ performance fabric used to make the Versa Long Sleeve Crewneck Base Layer (M09MT); this new fabric’s enhanced loft traps air and provides a superior insulation compared to other or AR / FR or natural fiber base layers. Similarly, the lightweight fabric used to make the Layer 1 Performance Base Layer Henley (M050T) is among our highest-rated in worker-submitted product reviews and delivers stretch and quick-drying properties you won’t find in a cotton base layer.

These styles provide dual hazard flash fire and CAT 1 arc flash protection and are Made in USA by Tyndale. They’re on our shelves now and ready to ship.

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