July 10: A Day of Thanks for Life as We Know it

July 10 is a special day in the Tyndale community – and across the US and Canada. July 10 marks the day we recognize Journeyman Lineworker Appreciation Day – a day we should spend honoring the lives of fallen lineworkers and reflecting on and appreciating the difficult, selfless, and brave work lineworkers do to keep our communities powered on.


It’s a hazardous job and one of the most essential jobs there is – this was made especially clear during COVID-19. From the start of the lockdowns necessary to protect the people in our communities, already hard-working journeyman lineworkers doubled down, going boldly into the unknown and working around the clock to keep electric power lines up-and-running – ensuring that we had the electricity to keep the lights on, our technology infrastructure operational, our homes and businesses safe and comfortable, and the products we need flowing to US and Canadian homes and essential businesses throughout this unprecedented time. Their unwavering commitment was – always has been, and remains – truly remarkable.

Why July 10?

This date pays tribute to the life and work of Henry Miller, founder and first president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), who was killed on the job on this day in 1896.

At the time, electrical workers were earning extremely low wages for extremely dangerous, often-fatal work – despite their pivotal role in enabling the pioneering industrial development critical to the overall growth of the United States and Canada.

Miller envisioned electrical workers united in common goal of brotherhood and devoted his life to making it happen – profoundly impacting the safety, training, camaraderie, compensation, and working conditions for future IBEW electricians. Check out this IBEW video to learn more about the Miller’s legacy.

If you yourself are a lineworker, please accept our sincere thanks for your steadfast dedication and all you do to keep our communities up and running. You have always stepped up to the challenge, without question – regardless of the weather, time of day, or the time of year. That is true customer service, and a shining example for us all. We could not be more Proud to Protect you.

Not a lineworker? The next time you go to turn your lights on be sure to pause and say a word of thanks to the brave men and women who make it possible for us to live life as we know it. Please join us in reflecting on the sacrifices they make and in honoring those who have been injured or lost on the job.


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