EVs and the DC Hazard: 88/12 Outerwear in a DC Arc

With the rapid growth of electric vehicles (EVs), and the infrastructure needed to support them, so too grows the importance of understanding the direct current (DC) arc hazard. That’s where Tyndale comes in! This series lays out the differences between the alternating current (AC) arc hazard and its lesser-known DC counterpart and demonstrates – through first-of-its-kind real-world video footage – the power of DC arcs. Follow along to learn more and witness firsthand the life-saving difference the right arc-rated (AR) clothing makes in the face of a DC arc.

We’re ending our series with a bang! In today’s episode we test a 9 oz. arc-rated (AR) windbreaker made with an 88% cotton and 12% nylon (“88/12”) blend, exposing it to high incident energy levels. Prepare to witness the extraordinary protective capabilities of this AR outerwear as it withstands and maintains its integrity when exposed to an incident energy level of 14 calories. Dive in with expert commentary from your host, Scott Margolin:

Unlike conventional garments that succumb to overwhelming heat, this windbreaker, with its higher arc rating of 12.2 cal, rises to the challenge, offering unparalleled protection – even in this arc with incident energy approaching the garment’s arc rating. Examining the intricate details up close, we observe the windbreaker doing exactly what it’s supposed to do, acting as an impenetrable barrier against searing heat and molten copper. While bearing slight marks of its encounter, it stands tall and fully intact, successfully insulating and safeguarding the wearer from burns.

This video shows why it’s so important to wear AR clothing and appropriate PPE when there is an arc hazard in your job environment. In fact, in most of the injuries and fatalities we see, the outcomes were preventable – caused by people wearing fuel. This video shows that the DC arc hazard is no exception. Don’t leave home without your last line of defense.


Series: EVs and the DC Hazard

Think you know arc flash? Think again. DC arcs are different. Following along with this series to see how different – and how to stay safe.

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