What are the Advantages of Tyndale’s New Boot Warehouse?

Tyndale’s new boot warehouse is the sole destination for all of your footwear needs! Our new designated warehouse space optimizes our shipping and inventory capabilities, while increasing the brand and footwear options we have on-hand.

Looking to reboot your company’s footwear offering? Learn about the benefits of choosing Tyndale as your boot supplier in the video below:


Improved shipping and inventory capabilities

Take advantage of strong lead times. Our new boot warehouse is supported by a team of employees that process and ship each order as quickly as possible – typically within 2-3 days of order receipt. In addition to faster shipping, the expansion of our PA warehouse also optimizes our inventory management capabilities. We created a designated location specifically for boots. Meaning we can increase our on-hand boot inventory across a variety of new styles.

More footwear options and brands for everyone

Need new footwear options for your workforce? Our new boot warehouse supports footwear options for everyone. Tyndale gives your workers access to a variety of styles for men and women, such as:

  • Boots that are EH rated
  • Safety toe boots that are compliant with ASTM F2413
  • Six-inch boots
  • Defined heel lace-up boots
  • Pull-on boots
  • Climbing boots

Don’t unintentionally force your workers to choose from a limited selection. When purchasing footwear through our new boot warehouse, your employees have access to some of the most popular brands in the industry – Ariat, Carhartt, Timberland PRO, Keen, Thorogood (USA/Union Made), Hoffman, Rocky, and more.

No matter how you choose to step into the world of safety, Tyndale has the boots to take you there!

Flexibility, choice, and convenience

Our new boot warehouse program is tailor-made to meet your company’s footwear needs. The goal of this program is to deliver flexibility, choice, and convenience to your workforce while eliminating long lead times, lack of choice, and reimbursement requests.

Tyndale’s boot programs offer flexible and convenient ordering options. Total spend is enforced on all options and boot purchases are tracked and reported – just like in a managed clothing program. Tyndale stays committed to providing your workers with the best boots and services in the industry.

Don’t get cold feet! Take a step towards creating a safer workforce by taking advantage of our boot programs supported by our new centralized boot warehouse.

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