Tyndale Honors Linemen April 18th for National Lineman Appreciation Day

National Lineman Appreciation Day was celebrated for the first time in 2013 after the U.S. Senate approved Resolution 95 recognizing and honoring linemen for the “contributions of these brave men and women who protect public safety.” Join Tyndale today along with electric utilities, friends, and family across the nation in recognizing and appreciating the incredibly dangerous work linemen perform on a regular basis to “keep the lights on” for our communities.

Linemen are true public servants, working long hours every day, year-round in potentially hazardous conditions, often during extreme weather conditions, so that the rest of us can continue our daily lives comfortably. Linemen are the first responders during hurricanes, rainstorms, or other emergency events, working with electricity and power lines to protect the nation from dangerous electrical currents. Tyndale saw this firsthand during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, again during the 2013-2014 winter months which brought many ice storms, and most recently in the fall of 2022 when Hurricane Ian hit Florida. During these events and others since, a significant number of brave men and women were called upon to assist in power restoration, allowing residents to resume their daily lives. The work of utility workers was essential to restoring impacted areas back to “normal.” However, these jobs are not without their challenges. Many times, linemen must navigate flood waters, fallen trees, face extreme heat and humidity, and more, making working conditions that much more difficult.

Working long hours and dealing with extreme weather conditions is only part of the challenge. Linemen also receive extensive training to prepare themselves for hazards associated with working on electrical lines and equipment. Training and proper procedures for working in hazardous conditions include wearing the appropriate PPE, arch-flash training, NFPA 70E electrical workplace training, and more.

Tyndale understands that the profession of linemen runs deep with tradition and family, both at a personal and professional level, and seeks to recognize linemen for their contributions to protect public safety. Join Tyndale in thanking members of this profession by celebrating this day and honoring the time, effort, and grit of these brave men and women. Your dedication never fails to amaze us, and we could not be more Proud to Protect you!

Are your linemen equipped with the proper PPE needed to stay safe year-round?  Celebrate National Lineman Appreciation Day the right way by contacting your National Account Executive today!

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