Dangers of Improper Wear Flash Fire: Episode 5 – Flammable Hoodie Over FRC

Tyndale’s Dangers of Improper Wear: Flash Fire series uses flash fire video footage shot at Texas A&M TEEX Fire Training Field to illustrate the severe consequences of incorrectly wearing flame resistant clothing (FRC). Each episode features insightful commentary from Tyndale’s arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing industry expert, Scott Margolin, Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Technical, who explains why it’s crucial to wear appropriate FRC and wear it properly.

Don't let a Flammable Hoodie be your Downfall

Get ready to rethink the way you dress for work. In this episode, Scott walks viewers through a life-threatening scenario where a female manikin wearing flame resistant (FR) pants but a flammable hoodie over her FR clothing is exposed to a flash fire.

When the flash fire occurs, it hits the outermost layer first, and if that layer is fuel – like this flammable hoodie, the results can be catastrophic. In this case, the hoodie quickly becomes fully engulfed in flames, and the wind only fuels the fire further. Because cotton tends to reignite, the fire continues even after it is extinguished, causing further damage to the manikin – representing the incredible danger a worker could face.

Choose FRC Every Workday

When it comes to workplace safety, there's no room for shortcuts or compromises. In a dangerous situation like a flash fire, every second counts, and the clothing you wear can make all the difference. If the manikin was wearing FRC that met the appropriate safety standards and guidelines, the FRC would have self-extinguished – in a real-life scenario, the worker would have been saved by the protective clothing.

Proper FRC, worn correctly, is your last line of defense when exposed to a flash fire hazard. So, the next time you're getting ready for work, remember the importance of FRC and make sure you're properly equipped to handle any potential dangers that come your way.


Dangers of Improper Wear

Have you ever made the mistake of wearing flammable clothing on the job, or neglected to tuck in your flame-resistant shirt, or even worn a flammable sweatshirt over your protective clothing when exposed to potential flash fire or arc flash hazards? If so, you're not alone. Good news is it didn’t lead to a serious injury. Bad news is, next time you might not be so lucky. Regardless of the type of hazard, there are important lessons to be learned. We have identified common mistakes made in each situation. Watch and learn – it could save your life.

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