Trending in 2022: Tyndale’s Top 5 Blogs & Videos

At Tyndale, arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing is our core competency, enabling us to leverage our expertise and 40+ years of experience to provide valuable educational resources to protect workers. Our industry-leading blog and videos provide in-depth educational content to answer technical questions and address common safety concerns, helping management and workers alike stay updated on the latest developments in the AR / FR clothing industry.

With over a million total visitors and 625 blogs to date, Tyndale’s blog grew exponentially in 2022! We published 81 new blog posts – including five new series – and readers, like you, clicked – a lot. We did the math, and the results are in! Join Tyndale’s Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Technical, Scott Margolin, as he announces our 2022 list of favorite blog posts and most-watched videos:

Top 5 Blog Posts

  1. From the Bottom Up: Arc Week Season 3 Hub: Our most popular 2022 post uses Top Gun references to dive into the danger zone and explore arc flash protection from the bottom up. With guest appearances from industry experts and an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at North America’s most electrifying arc flash testing lab, you’ll learn the science behind all things arc flash. This Arc Week Season 3 overview features a trailer video and links to all five episodes, which double as professional training aids to help keep workers safe on the job.
  2. Introducing Tyndale’s Women in Power Series: Second on our list is the hub post introducing our extremely popular Women in Power Series, which celebrates women working in the energy sector or careers related to AR / FR clothing. In 2022, the series featured ten compelling stories of women eager to help other women succeed in energy occupations. We plan to continue this series in 2023, so please reach out if you’d like to share your story.
  3. What is a CAT Rating?: Third on our list is an educational post that explains the importance of CAT ratings to identify arc-rated (AR) clothing with sufficient protection to keep you safe on the job. Formerly known as Hazard Risk Categories (HRC), NFPA 70E was updated in 2015 to reference these arc rating categories as PPE Categories (CAT); however, the minimum arc ratings for the four categories remained the same. If you’ve ever wondered about the meaning of CAT on the tag of your arc-rated clothing, this post has your answers!
  4. What Are the Changes to ASTM F2413-18?: Questions about changes to protective footwear labeling no doubt drove this informative post to its number four position. ASTM F2413 labels on safety shoes or work boots define minimum performance requirements for footwear to protect against various workplace hazards. This post clearly explains updates made to this standard in 2018 and subsequent changes to the designations on protective footwear labels.
  5. Mannequin vs. Manikin: What’s the Difference?: Rounding out our Top 5 list is a post that explains how mannequins take on a whole new purpose – significant enough to warrant a spelling change to “manikin” – when used in medical or scientific settings. In our industry, manikins are equipped with sophisticated sensors to test protective levels of AR / FR clothing per ASTM F1930, the test method used to understand the body-burn percentage for flash fire protective garments.

Just missing a spot on our Top 5 list but still gaining a significant number of views from our Canadian audience was our Proud to Protect Canada Series: Introduction. This post serves as the hub to access all 12 episodes of the series, hosted by Tyndale’s Canada Team: Paul Castelli, Scott Margolin, and Sara Olsen. Check this AR / FR clothing primer to learn more about similarities and differences of Canadian and US industry safety standards, jurisdictional requirements in Canada, and much more.

Top 5 Videos

  1. Arc week – Season 3 Episode 3: Great Balls of Fire – Live at the Arc Ratings Lab: Filmed at Kinectrics, North America’s leading arc rating lab, our most popular video of 2022 features Scott Margolin and Brian Shiels, who serves on the ASTM International Board of Directors. Explore behind-the-scene lab access to witness actual testing of arc-rated fabrics to ensure their protective qualities meet the ASTM F1959 standard.
  2. Beat the Rush – Order your FR Now: Our second most popular video stresses the importance ordering the AR / FR clothing you need to stay safe and comfortable with changing seasons early. Proactive ordering enables you to take advantage of pre-season high inventory levels, allow time for returns or exchanges, or prepare for early-season weather events. It also means protective apparel items are ready to wear when needed.
  3. Arc Week – Season 3 Episode 1: Welcome to the Danger Zone – Determining Arc Flash Energy Part 1: The first educational video of Arc Week Season 3 makes it to the third position on our Top 5 Videos list. This Part 1 video explains the meaning of arc incident energy and covers the first two of the five variables that determine the potential power of an arc flash: voltage and amperage. (The remaining three variables – cycle time, arc gap, and the distance from the arc gap – are covered in Part 2.)
  4. The Importance of FRC: This explosive video – making our Top Five list in 2022 and 2021 – features full-scale arc flash and flash fire testing footage that instills the importance of wearing AR / FR clothing. Most fatalities and catastrophic injuries in flash fires and arc flash events are caused by flammable clothing igniting and continuing to burn. Our video evidence clearly demonstrates how AR / FR clothing performs compared to non-FR clothing in a flash fire.
  5. Arc Week – Season 3 Episode 5: Shooting Down the Myth of De-Energized Work: Completing our list of Top 5 Videos and capping off Arc Week Season 3 is a must-watch cautionary video. Four industry experts – an NFPA 70E committee member, an IBEW safety director, a leading arc flash authority, and a retired OSHA director – each recommend that you always wear the proper PPE to protect yourself from potential arc flashes, even if you think equipment has been de-energized.

We look forward to providing new blog and video content throughout 2023 and beyond. By providing this valuable information, we underscore our commitment to not only provide quality products and reliable service, but also exceed all expectations to keep you or your workers safe on the job.

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