How Tyndale Minimizes the Impact of Supply Chain Issues

Whether caused by severe weather, labor shortages, or a global pandemic, disruptions of any kind can lead to strain for both businesses and consumers. Recent unprecedented events have led to undeniable supply chain challenges across industries. To a large manufacturing company, losses associated with these challenges can be damaging. To small manufacturers, they can be terminal. In either case, suppliers are often challenged by manufacturers’ inability to deliver goods and services promptly. How do suppliers cope with significant product delays during unexpected disruptions? The answer is, we plan for them.

At Tyndale, we work tirelessly to minimize the impact of supply chain challenges by investing in on-hand inventory, retaining and growing our workforce, and preparing for economic uncertainty. Tune in to hear from Tyndale’s Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Technical, Scott Margolin, for more information on the three ways Tyndale – your leading supplier of arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing – minimizes supply chain impacts so we can continue proudly protecting you.

Part 1: Investing in On-hand Inventory

Scott Margolin examines the factors leading to global supply chain challenges resulting in significant delays in the delivery of goods and services. Scott further explains how Tyndale’s strategic inventory investments ensure timely delivery of the critical safety apparel you and your workers rely on to stay safe on the job.

Part 2: Retaining and Growing Tyndale’s Workforce

At Tyndale, we’re actively hiring members who work hard and get things done while making sure our existing members feel engaged, valued, and satisfied each day. In Part 2 of How Tyndale Minimizes the Impact of Supply Chain Issues, you’ll learn why this not only maintains a positive workplace culture, but also ensures we have the resources in place to get you what you need when you need it.

Part 3: Preparing for Economic Uncertainty

Despite the challenges suppliers are faced with related to an unprecedented inflationary period, Tyndale works diligently to minimize the impact of cost increases. In this blog and video, we explain how investing in our inventory and having a business model that promotes choice helps to limit cost increases for the companies and workers we serve.

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