Top 3 Trends in Women’s PPE

As women play an increasingly important role in fields like the energy sector, utilities, and manufacturing, the protective apparel they wear is constantly evolving and improving. As recently as ten years ago it was difficult to find arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) protective apparel or EH-rated boots made specifically for women. But now, manufacturers are creating products that account for differences in style, body type, and fit to better serve women in industry.

As the industry’s premier supplier of AR / FR clothing and protective boots since 1981, Tyndale has had a front row seat – and works diligently to contribute – to this progress. Our status as a manufacturer and a distributor – one that both deals directly with workers in the field and specializes in providing technical guidance – lends us unique perspective on the changing landscape for women in industry.

Tune in as Barbara Fitzgeorge, Tyndale’s Vice President of Marketing, shares her insight on three trends that are particularly groundbreaking in the June 2022 edition of Occupational Health & Safety Magazine:


What are the Biggest Trends?

  1. Apparel Choice is Increasing Compliance: “When women (and men) have real choice in the protective apparel they wear all day every day, from a selection of well-designed items, morale improves immensely. This, in turn, drives increased safety compliance—a boon to any corporate safety program!” Barb explains.
  2. Protective Apparel Made Specifically for Women: Specialty AR / FR manufacturers that are focused exclusively on protective apparel led the way in developing products designed from the ground up to fit women properly; brand-name manufacturers followed suit, and niche manufacturers rose to the occasion too. Manufacturers are now developing products based on specific feedback from women in the field – including specialty items like protective maternity products. This has been the key to bringing women’s workwear to the next level – with products women want to wear.
  3. Emergence of Women’s Safety Standards: In the article, Barb shares examples of safety standards that have adapted in recent years to better protect women.

Be sure to read the article to get the full story.

Today, there’s a wide variety of women’s AR / FR apparel options on the market. Though many safety leaders have prioritized women’s apparel choice, Barb provides advice for continuing to close gaps. Take time to listen to women in the field; be sure that your workforce has the full range of options available; work with a qualified service provider to ensure they are comfortable, compliant, and safe on the job.

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