Best Tyndale FR Pants for Men

Protective Men’s Pant Options from the Tyndale Arc Rated and Flame Resistant Clothing Line

You know what protection level your arc rated and flame resistant (AR/FR) jeans or pants need to meet, now for how they look and feel. Protection, style, and fit are the three important factors when it comes to choosing the perfect (AR/FR) pants and we understand each wearer has their own unique fit and style preferences. From fabric selection and design, to how Tyndale’s pants fit each unique body type, we’ve done the market research and categorized Tyndale’s AR/FR Clothing Line Collections by fit, so you know what to expect each time you order from your favorite Tyndale collection.

Listen along as Tyndale’s Product Development Manager, Pam Costello, explains the characteristics of each men’s Tyndale AR/FR Clothing Line collection, so you can choose pants that keep you feeling your best for whatever the job demands.

Which Tyndale AR/FR Clothing Line collection fits you best?

Tyndale’s Versa Collection

Our Versa Collection for men, offers pants that are revolutionizing the very fabric of men’s workwear. Tired of the traditional baggy AR/FR pants? This collection provides a modern style fit that meets men’s fashion standards. Our Versa collection pants feature slim fit options that keep wearers confident and cool on and off the job. We created a superior pant without sacrificing mobility, durability, or protection. These pants are created with flexible fabric to allow ease and comfortability while moving on the job.


Tyndale’s Classic Casual Collection

Looking for lightweight and breathable pants with a classic look? Check out our men’s Classic Casual Collection! This collection represents the very definition of comfort, as there is plenty of room provided in the seat and thigh areas of these pants. Engineered with functionality at the forefront, these pants offer optimum breathability to keep you cool while working in warm conditions.


Tyndale’s Workwear Collection

Tyndale’s Workwear Collection includes rugged and durable garments that are great for tough working conditions. The pants in this collection are classic, professional, and ready to work as hard as you do on the job. These pants are created with strong fabric that is built to last, providing you with maximum durability throughout your busy workday. If you’re looking for a more relaxed fit with extra leg room, these pants certainly fit the bill.

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