Customer Spotlight: Santee Cooper

Since developing and establishing Managed Apparel Programs as the industry benchmark in 1981, Tyndale is the trusted supplier of goods and services for hundreds of companies across the US — including over 90% of all publicly owned electric utilities and 50 Fortune 500 companies. Pair that with our 99% customer retention rate, and there’s no wonder why companies continue to choose Tyndale to meet their safety and uniform needs.

BJ Pruitt, an Engineering Associate with Santee Cooper’s Generation group, knows first-hand about the drawbacks of using a uniform rental with industrial laundry (rental-lease) program for their employees’ arc-rated, flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing. In addition to difficulties navigating the complexities inherent in a rental program, the company found that the actual amount they were paying for the rental-lease program was significantly higher than what they had budgeted for the program.

Download the Case Study below to read about BJ’s experience implementing a Tyndale-managed program and how it helped Santee Cooper gain budgetary control of their AR / FR clothing program:

Switching to Tyndale’s managed apparel program has been a win-win situation due to the time BJ saves managing the program, plus employees are happier with the broad assortment of workwear options. And program costs are now contained, as Tyndale’s allotment and allowance programs offer strict budgetary control, quite the opposite of Santee Cooper’s experiences with the over-budget costs of their rental-lease program.

Watch the video below to hear BJ tell her story about the benefits of switching to a Tyndale-managed direct-purchase employee apparel program.

Since switching to Tyndale, BJ wonders why they didn’t use a direct-purchase program sooner, and other utilities they researched expressed the same opinion. “Overwhelmingly, most of the utilities that we spoke with have switched over to direct-purchase as well, due to similar program management issues that we’ve been having with rental-leases.” She now asks, “What took us so long?”

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