How Does Tyndale Ensure Continuous Business Productivity?

How prioritizing our member’s workplace health and happiness contributes to the overall success of our business productivity.

At Tyndale, we’re continuously working to raise the bar, and we’re proud of our proven history of innovation – with an unwavering focus on enhancing our customers’ experience within each unique managed program experience. Which is why, behind the scenes at Tyndale, our shipping department has been busy figuring out ways to make the process of shipping orders easier on our members so that they remain healthy, happy, and efficient. By increasing worker productivity, we’re ultimately improving operational efficiency, helping end-users get their products as quickly as possible.

We’re growing with you!

Our distribution center located in Pennsylvania has implemented new conveyor belt system, a proven benefit from an order efficiency standpoint. The new conveyor belt system brings work directly to the Tyndale member shipping orders, decreasing the time spent processing orders by 15 seconds per order, ultimately freeing up an extra 5.5 hours per day used to ship more orders. As a result, this new system has increased our members’ productivity rate by nearly 23%.

The new conveyor system also features a steeper pitch, allowing Tyndale to introduce larger storage bins for collecting orders. Larger storage bins mean less time spent moving them once they are full. It also allows us to maximize our capacity in our shipping trucks, which are loaded daily with bins and pallets.

From an ergonomic standpoint, the configuration of each shipping station within our Pipersville, PA warehouse is consistent. Each station has been specially designed to eliminate all potential twisting, reaching, pulling, or stretching motions by our members that could lead to injury. This keeps Tyndale members healthy, happy, and efficient.

Watch the video below to see the new conveyor belt in action and learn why members of our shipping department are saying things like, “I like that I don’t need to walk to pick up my work. The new system is very efficient.” And, “I like that the baskets are fed to you, easy to attain.

What does this mean for you?

Tyndale’s new conveyor system enable us to process even more orders throughout the day, so your employees receive their garments sooner.

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