What is the NSUJL?

NSUJL stands for the National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen, an nonprofit organization started in 2012 by a group of linewives who were motivated to help families of fallen and injured lineworkers. Today the organization is dedicated to assisting fallen or injured IBEW Journeymen Linemen, Utility Linemen, Apprentice Linemen, Groundmen, Operators, LCTT and/or their spouses, and children.

Why does the organization exist?

The NSUJL started because of a tragic accident. In 2012 a group of linewives came together to help the family of a then-recently fallen Lineman, John Plante. Since no similar organization existed at the time, the women started an organization themselves. Unfortunately, in this line of work safety incidents can happen – too often leaving the individual’s family facing financial burdens along with the obvious medical and/or emotional stressors. In an already extremely difficult time for these families, sometimes receiving the help necessary to overcoming the injury or loss – like resources from insurance and/or workman’s compensation – takes an extremely long time.

That’s why the NSUJL exists today – to cover this funding gap and to provide stability and control to grieving families when it’s needed most.

Listen along as Scott Margolin, our Vice President of Technical and Corporate Strategy, shares what the organization is and how its mission helps families at a critical time:

In addition to financial assistance, NSUJL also provides:

  • Physical assistance such as late night phone calls, home cooked meals, help with household chores, babysitting, rides to doctor’s appointments, and more.
  • Emotional assistance from a clinically licensed therapist, providing counseling for grieving families.
  • Additional programs such as A Dollar For Your Brother – helping IBEW Brothers by setting up reoccurring weekly, or monthly payments, A Lineman’s Child – NSUJL’s newest program sponsoring a disabled or fallen IBEW lineworker’s children, Climbing for Lost Linemen – a ceremony honoring all brothers who lost their lives on the line, and more. Learn more about these programs at

To this day NSUJL remains the only nonprofit in support of lineworkers to offer 12 months of assistance to families in need. It’s truly special to see families of our heroes coming together to support one another in such a profound way.

Tyndale is proud to support this organization by sponsoring events held by NSUJL as well as donating Tyndale brand garments for holiday raffles. We look forward to continuing to support the organization and its ongoing effort to support the families of fallen linemen and to honor the linemen who have given the ultimate sacrifice while working to better our communities.  And, NSUJL has achieved an admirable 91 rating on Charity Navigator, an organization that rates the overall efficiency of non-Profits. To learn more about how you can contribute or participate visit their website at www.NSUJL.org.

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