Customer Spotlight: ”The key is rentals don’t work.”

Since developing and establishing Managed Apparel Programs as the industry benchmark over 40 years ago, Tyndale is now the trusted supplier of flame resistant clothing (FRC) for 5 of the top 9 Fortune 500 drilling companies in the US – and we have a 99% customer retention rate! Why do companies choose our turnkey solution and stay with us year after year? We could tell you, or better yet, you could hear it from one of the companies we serve – in their own words!

Download the case study below to learn how Tyndale’s managed direct-purchase program makes the difficulties associated with a uniform rental with industrial laundry program a thing of the past:

An office manager for a large, Texas-based energy company specializing in shale drilling has a story to tell about her company’s unpleasant experience using an industrial laundry rental program to provide FR clothing for their employees. The program was fraught with problems: lost and damaged products, inaccurate invoices, and inconsistent service – difficulties that escalated over the years, despite the inordinate amount of time and energy spent trying to resolve all the issues.

Thanks to Tyndale, the story has a very happy ending. Watch the video below to hear why switching to a Tyndale-managed direct-purchase employee apparel program significantly reduced administrative time and costs while improving safety and employee satisfaction.

The office manager doesn’t mince words when talking about the pitfalls of an industrial laundry rental program. She encountered service issues, worker complaints, missing garments, garment condition and repair issues, and billing irregularities. Sadly, this is a story we repeatedly hear from companies who came to us seeking a better solution for their FR clothing. But in this testimonial, it was summed up precisely with the comment, “The key is rentals don’t work.”

Interested in learning more about Tyndale’s Managed Apparel Program and how it could work for you and your company? Visit our website and contact the National Sales Executive in your area to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing how we can improve your current program.

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