Introducing Tyndale’s Women in Power Series

Did you know that women comprise just 22% of the utility workforce compared to 47% nationwide in other industries? We set out to better understand how to support the women who are succeeding in non-traditional occupations in industries like manufacturing, construction, utilities, and oil and gas. And what better way to do it than to talk with the women who already fuel these fields?

Tyndale is a certified woman-owned business that’s passionate about ensuring ALL workers have the comfortable, quality arc-rated and flame resistant (AR/FR) clothing they need to return home safely – regardless of shape, size, or gender. But ensuring women are comfortable at their place of work goes beyond providing comfortable clothing. We’re celebrating women who work in the energy sector by giving them a platform to tell their stories: what drew them to choose this career, what they enjoy most about it, their hopes and goals for the future of the workforce, their vision for the evolution of PPE, how we can empower and help pave the way for other women, and more.

Throughout this ongoing series you’ll find video and blog interviews based on the first-hand experience of the women who are leading the way in a wide range of careers where AR/FR clothing plays a role.

Check back regularly as we highlight a different perspective – and get to know Women in Power:



Have an inspirational story about how you got where you are today, want to empower other women to follow in your footsteps or discuss ways we can positively impact the women in these industries, or just really love your job? Or maybe you know a woman who does?

Share your story with us – please email with your name and preferred contact information, your role and the name of your company, and the best days/times for us to reach you.


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