Is Your AR/FR Wardrobe Ready for Spring?

Spring, is that you starting to creep in? Warmer weather is around the corner, and not a minute too soon. Now, as the seasons start to change, is a perfect time to tackle some spring cleaning for your arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing wardrobe. Scott Margolin, Vice President of Technical, shares some important reminders:


Follow along with this easy checklist. Make sure your AR / FR:

Try it on. And make sure you know how to wear it properly, too – there are some cases in which wearing your AR/FR clothing improperly could be just as dangerous as not wearing any at all.

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  • Is enough to comply with your safety policy and the hazards of your job.

You need:

        • Enough on hand to wear while some pieces are in the wash
        • Layering pieces – including base layers, shirts and pants, sweatshirts, and outerwear – to keep you both safe and comfortable as temperatures fluctuate

Now is also a great time to order raingear for those spring showers, and to plan ahead for lightweight options for summer, insect protection – including insect-repellant garments, and to consider ordering outerwear for next year when demand is not as high.

  • Is in good repair.

Take care of your AR / FR and it will take care of you:

        • Check your garments for signs of wear or damage, and retire garments that are worn out – here’s a guide on when and how.
        • Keep in mind the ABC’s of AR / FR repair. If damage is minor, contact your supplier to request a repair kit containing AR / FR materials, or to request a repair. Do not wear the garment again until it is properly repaired using AR / FR materials!
  • Is clean and ready to go.

Brush up on these tips for AR/FR clothing maintenance:

        • Tune in to our training video to brush up on best practices for home laundering
        • Remember the three keys to garment care
        • Clean your outerwear and store it for next year – these tips can help

Get started today!

Remember: there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. Our Weather & Seasons Resource Hub takes the guesswork out of staying safe and comfortable in any conditions the forecast brings. Find it at under FR Safety Resources > Resource Collections.

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