Proud to Protect Canada – Episode 1: Why Wear AR / FR Clothing?

As Tyndale extends our managed arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing programs into Canada, we invite you to follow along in our Proud to Protect Canada series. While many of the topics in this series contain Canadian-specific content, there are some topics that are relevant on both sides of the border – like this one. We hope you enjoy “meeting” our Canada Team, exploring engaging and relevant content, while learning about our unique solution and the benefits it provides to companies and wearers alike.

We’re going back to basics to answer a fundamental question, “Why wear FR?” This topic transcends borders and applies to workers exposed to thermal hazards everywhere – so it’s critical to understand.

It’s true, AR / FR clothing works as the “last line of defense” in the event of an arc flash or flash fire, protecting wearers from injury when all other safety measures and precautions have been unsuccessful in preventing an incident. But, did you know that it’s rarely, or never, the momentary thermal hazard – the arc flash or flash fire – that causes the most catastrophic injuries and deaths?

Let’s hear more from Canada Sales Director, Paul Castelli and VP of Technical, Scott Margolin as they review this important topic:

As Scott explains, most catastrophic injuries and deaths are actually caused by flammable (non-FR) clothing igniting and continuing to burn against the skin. Workers who survive in these scenarios are faced with excruciating burn injuries over a large surface area of the body that are highly susceptible to deadly infections.

Fortunately, you can significantly reduce or eliminate burn injuries from the equation by replacing flammable clothing with AR / FR clothing. Unlike flammable clothing, AR / FR clothing will not ignite and continue to burn when the arc flash or flash fire is over. It insulates you from the hazard.

The bottom line is AR / FR clothing works! It’s been proven time and time again. Survivors who wear AR / FR and wear it properly often walk away unharmed, returning home to their families and resuming full quality of life after an arc or flash fire incident that would have otherwise been fatal.

Of course, wearing AR / FR clothing is key but it must also be worn properly. Don’t make these common mistakes by wearing protective clothing improperly. Luckily, AR / FR clothing has come a long way in recent years, making it much more comfortable and enjoyable to wear, which in turn, maximizes compliance. Plus, AR / FR programs that offer employee-level choice – like Tyndale’s – empower workers to purchase based on what they find most comfortable, ensuring satisfaction and safety.

Stay tuned for the next episode in this series which explains what an arc flash is and why they are so dangerous.


Series: Proud to Protect Canada

Follow along with this series to explore our educational resources for companies and workers based in Canada. You’ll meet the technical and market experts from our Canada team and find everything from the basics on the hazards, to PPE and labeling requirements, a closer look at key safety standards and the hierarchy of standards and regulations in Canada, employer responsibilities under the Canadian Labour Code, and more.

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