Have AR/FR Questions? We Have the Answers.

FR FAQ is one of our most popular email series here at Tyndale. Every Friday, we pick an unanswered question about arc-rated flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing and do deep-dive explaining topics from proper wear, best practices, safety standards, and requirements, to how your AR / FR clothing protects you from hazards you face on the job.

Today, we’d like to put a different spin on our FR FAQ. Instead of answering a question, we are asking you, what would you like to see us answer next? Over the past few years, we’ve answered many questions regarding AR / FR garments and your safety. We’re willing to bet you have other questions and topics that we haven’t yet covered.

Submitting your question is simple! You can either email us at Marketing@TyndaleUSA.com or add your question to the comments section at the bottom of this page. Have multiple questions? It’s ok, you may submit as many as you want! We’ll respond to all your questions and you may even see us answer a few as part of FR FAQ Friday!

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