What is the Partnership for Electrical Safety?

If you didn’t know, June is National Safety Month. As we discuss all things safety this month, we’ve decided to take a moment to focus on a new player in the electrical safety market, The Partnership for Electrical Safety (PES).

So what is the Partnership for Electrical Safety (PES)? Very simply, PES is a group of like-minded organizations who joined together recognizing that despite NFPA 70E’s 20-year existence, more than 500,000 U.S. workers are going to work every day without the appropriate PPE and/or arc-rated clothing. Tyndale is proud to be a founding member of this partnership.

Watch Scott Margolin, Tyndale’s Vice President of Technical explain what PES is and why this partnership is so important for U.S. electrical workers.

PES believes every American working on or near energized electrical equipment deserves equal protection from arc flash, including the appropriate arc-rated clothing and associated PPE. In addition, PES believes NFPA 70E should be broadly adopted for electrical work in the US. The organization seeks to educate, advocating for worker safety. To further this mission PES regularly engages with OSHA, the Department of Labor, Congress, and impacted workers to shine a light on the human and financial costs of non-compliance

For more information about PES or to become involved with the partnership, please go to the Partnership for Electrical Safety website. We hope you’ll join our effort to promote electrical safety.

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