How Does Tyndale Support Its Industry Partners?

As both a manufacturer and distributor, Tyndale prides itself on offering the best product choice in the industry, which supports compliance and satisfaction through our unique arc rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing programs. In order to continue offering extensive choice, we are proud to partner with leading safety brands in the industry, including Ariat, Bulwark, Carhartt, NSA, Wrangler, and many more.

With collaboration as one of our five core values, we prioritize working with and supporting our partners to further our mission of providing a safe and enjoyable uniform experience to leading corporations and their employees. One important way we build strong bonds with our industry partners is by hosting special events and encouraging participation.

Since 2018, Tyndale has organized and hosted events at KEMA Laboratories and TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field to safely demonstrate real-world hazards – arc flashes and flash fires – to emphasize the importance of wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Tyndale invites key industry partners to participate in these events with the goal of spreading the message of safety so that it reaches all safety professionals and end-user wearers.

One of our strategic partners, Bulwark, recently leveraged their participation in our 2019 KEMA event and released an informative blog and video series featuring footage from our arc flash demonstrations to its loyal patrons. It’s a pleasure to see the efforts of our Tyndale team – from planning the event, coordinating with the facilities to ensure safety and precision, participating in the day-of activities to editing and creating informative technical videos – shared with an expansive audience concerned with worker safety.

If you’re interested in viewing more impressive footage from our events at KEMA Laboratories (for arc flash demonstrations) and TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field (for flash fire demonstrations), please check out the images below or visit our Arc Flash Video Library  or Flash Fire Video Library. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with our key industry partners to further the critical message of worker safety and compliance.

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