How Does Tyndale Vet and Audit the Products We Sell?

As you know, arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) garments are very different from everyday clothing you find in most stores. These specialized garments are made using flame-resistant fabrics, must comply with all relevant safety standards, and are required to be labeled properly. With all that goes into these specialized garments, what is Tyndale doing to ensure the AR / FR garments supplied will protect wearers?

To be clear, Tyndale does not simply accept any AR / FR garments which claim compliance. We conduct our own vetting, auditing, and labeling checks for every garment offered in our catalog. This means we “do the homework,” so you don’t have to, providing peace-of-mind when purchasing from Tyndale.

Let’s join Tyndale’s Vice President of Technical, Scott Margolin, to review this important information.



All AR / FR garments are made with flame resistant fabrics, so let’s begin there. Tyndale goes the extra mile to vet all fabrics used in the garments we manufacture, as well as all garments we sell from major AR / FR brands. Tyndale requires disclosure from the AR / FR fabric mills and the FR technology, as well as all third-party testing data. Tyndale fully reviews all data to ensure accuracy, safety, and compliance.

That said, some fabrics and garments pass the standards but are not sold through Tyndale, as they do not pass our stringent internal vetting, auditing, and labeling checks.


Tyndale has a comprehensive auditing program in place for all components of an AR / FR garment. This means we regularly check in on all component suppliers of Tyndale’s goods for compliance. For the brands and products we distribute, Tyndale obtains, checks, and keeps on file every test report verifying the appropriate test data to support the compliance claims made. In addition to AR / FR compliance, Tyndale verifies correct sizing, inventory levels, and various other checks and balances ensuring these garments are safe for wearers.


Once we’ve fully vetted the fibers, fabrics, garments, and audited the test data and component requirements, we are ready for the final check – labeling. If you’re familiar with AR / FR garment labels, you know they are complicated and come in several different versions. Each standard has strict requirements for labeling. As part of Tyndale’s extensive vetting process, we make sure that each garment we sell is labeled properly, with correct placement and wording containing all requirements for each standard.

As you can see, this process is extensive and takes a significant amount of time and resources to complete. So, why do we do it? Because anyone who purchases AR / FR garments from Tyndale trusts their lives to these garments. We only manufacture and sell garments that have been extensively vetted, tested, and verified. Tyndale takes our customer’s trust in our products and services very seriously and goes above and beyond all necessary steps to ensure we retain your trust for years to come.

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