Top 5 FR FAQ’s 2020

Our FR FAQ Fridays are your source for industry-specific news, Tyndale updates, and – most importantly – the information you and your workers need to stay safe. Our top five (5) blog posts from 2020 hit on every area of Tyndale’s expertise and deliver information to aid in the success of your employee-based managed program. Read the top 5 for a refresher on the most popular information we shared in 2020, and don’t forget to check our blog regularly for new content and videos.

What is Tyndale Doing to Better Serve Women?

#1 What is Tyndale doing to better serve women?

Supporting women in business is simply good business – so outfitting women in comfortable and reliable arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing should be standard. Tyndale and other leading brands are making it a priority to manufacture garments designed from the ground up to fit women properly. Scott Margolin, Vice President of Technical, explains how we’re reimagining the AR / FR experience for women, and why fit is critical not only for comfort but also for safety:

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How Tyndale Ensures Consistent Sizing

#2 How does Tyndale ensure garment sizing consistency?

Our mission is to provide an enjoyable uniform experience, and trusted products are at the heart of that commitment. When ordering AR/FR clothing, it should be as simple as choosing a preferred style from the catalog and adding your size to the cart. With Tyndale-made garments you can rest assured knowing that you can order the same size and it will fit the same each time. Tyndale uses AQL standards to ensure consistent fit. Find out what AQL standards are and how they ensure sizing consistency:

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What Does Dual Hazard Mean?

#3 What does “dual hazard” mean?

When purchasing AR / FR clothing you’ll often come across the term “dual hazard.” This simply means that a garment is both arc-rated and flash fire-rated. But what do those terms mean, and how do they differ? Do garments that are dual hazard offer better protection? :

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#4 How well does an arc-rated garment perform after 100 washes?

One of our most common questions is, “does my flame resistant clothing (FRC) lose its protective qualities as it goes through multiple laundering cycles?” Watch as we test an arc-rated garment that has been washed 100 times – equating to multiple years of use. If you have AR / FR garments that have gone through multiple washes, then this video is a must-see!

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What is TyndaleFRC Express?

#5 What is TyndaleFRC Express?

Designed specifically for small- to mid-sized companies, TyndaleFRC Express provides the AR / FR clothing your workers need, in styles they like, at prices that fit your budget, and with the service your company deserves. Find out how this platform makes protecting workers easy as 1-2-3:

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