How Does Tyndale Keep up with Supply During COVID-19?

Despite the digits in COVID-19, it unfortunately remains a hot topic as we settle into this new year. If your company is looking to evaluate your current or a potential arc rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing supplier anytime soon, it’s vital to ask questions that effectively evaluate their ability to not only meet your needs and expectations but excel during these trying times. One important and timely area of focus is around supply chains. Properly evaluating how suppliers ensure strong supply chains during a crisis, like COVID-19, is key to timely delivery and overall satisfaction with the AR / FR clothing program.

So, how does Tyndale pass the supply chain evaluation test? Let’s find out with a Q&A – watch the video or keep scrolling to read:

Q: Has your supplier invested in on-hand inventory?

A: Yes, Tyndale has invested over $24 million in on-hand inventory at our distribution centers, meaning we don’t have to rely on “just in time” inventory. As both a manufacturer and distributor, we stock all Tyndale-made garments in all sizes and a wide variety of distributed garments from industry leading suppliers. We have sophisticated forecasting tools to ensure sufficient quantities of core products are on our shelves, meaning you get the clothing you need when you need it. As part of our program, employees have control over their purchases with the ability to shop from items in their catalog that are in-stock, and visibility as to when garments are expected to ship. In the event there is a breakdown in our supply chain, we rely on our own USA manufacturing and our strategic partnerships to ensure our customers do not go without the products they need to stay safe on the job.

Q:  With a major global supply chain crunch, how much made in the USA FRC and PPE is available?

A: Tyndale offers a full line of American-made AR / FR products. This greatly reduces risks associated with the global supply chain crunch caused by COVID-19. Our strong US-based supply chain ensures consistent, reliable product supply. Many Tyndale brand garments, along with others from our supply partners, are manufactured in various locations across the USA – delivering flexibility in response to demand signals, and ensuring production continuity in the event a facility is impacted by an outage or crisis, such as COVID-19.

Q: Where does your supplier fit within the supply chain?

A: Tyndale is the largest AR / FR distributor of many industry-leading brands. In the event there is a run on products, our strong vendor partnerships ensure we are at the front of line when supply is tight or on restock if they run out. This ensures workers in Tyndale programs receive the garments they need to stay safe on the job.

Q: Does your supplier have multiple warehouses for inventory?

A: Tyndale has two distribution centers in the US – one in Texas and one in Pennsylvania – offering redundancy and business continuity in an event impacting one facility or the other and minimizing transit times to companies/employees located across the country.

Have follow up questions for Tyndale? Interested in learning more about our stability in times of crisis? Ready to make the switch to Tyndale? Reach out to the National Account Executive serving your area to discuss and explore options available to meet your service needs through our unique managed clothing program solution.


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